MAPM8.200 LEADERSHIP Assessment Three

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Marketing and Management


This is an individual assignment that requires students to submit an individual leadership reflection report and development plan. Refer to detail on the assessment requirements on the next page. All non-original work must be referenced using APA (version 6) referencing style.

Students are to complete a professional report. All non-original work must be referenced using APA (version 6) referencing style.

Marks will be awarded for demonstrating documentary evidence of undertaking a professional leadership reflection and developing a well-defined leadership development plan for themselves. The Reflective Report and Development Plan must be of a standard that would be acceptable within the business environment.

Assignments must be uploaded on the Assignment Upload Facility on Online by on the due date. Your assignment will be evaluated by Turnitin as part of the upload process.


The purpose of the individual assignment is for students to reflect critically on their leadership and create an individual leadership development plan in relation to the topics covered as part of Learning Outcomes 1, 2, and 3 during the Leadership Course in order to address Learning Outcome


1. Reflective Report (60%)
Reflect on your previous, current and future leadership and submit a report based on this reflection. As part of this reflection and report, describe and analyse at least five significant leadership events/incidents/situations you have experienced in your life that can be can be applied to selected leadership topics, concepts, theories, and principles related to leadership approaches, contemporary leadership issues and leadership in teams covered as part of  earning Outcomes 1, 2, and 3 during the Leadership Course.

To be included in your reflection: describe significant leadership experiences; identify your leadership strengths and weaknesses; evaluate insights gained during the experience(s); lessons learnt; clear linkages between theories and practice; outcome(s) of the experience(s) and based on the theory, what might be done differently and why.

Significant learning experiences can be described as important positive or negative leadership situations/incidents/events from which the student experienced and learnt something important in the context of leadership. These significant learning experiences typically incorporate:

  • A background and events leading up to the experiences;
  • The experience itself;
  • Any course(s) of action considered;
  • Outcome(s);
  • What was learnt from the experience.

The Reflective Report requires students to demonstrate their learning both academically and personally. The Report should avoid being too descriptive – it is expected to be both critical and evaluative.

2. Development Plan (40%)
Develop and submit an individual leadership development plan based on your reflection that includes leadership concepts, theories and principles, as well as current and future leadership aspirations.

Select at least three areas that you would like to develop your leadership in, identify your short-term and long-term leadership goals, develop an action plan to achieve these leadership goals and describe how you will evaluate the achievement of these leadership goals.

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