Marketing and Management

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Marketing and Management


Consider that you have been assigned as an external marketing consultant to a well-known organization (Eco-Fashion Company)

Part of 1 st report calls for providing details of this firm and its activities. This organization is engaged in international business, with markets in a number of locations worldwide.

The organization is forward thinking and appreciates that in order to survive and grow, it must develop new markets, new products and, of particular relevance to you in your position as a marketing consultant, new ways of engaging with and marketing to its customers (both present and potential). Moreover, its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) believes that all businesses should consider not only the commercial outcome of their activities, but should also have a positive and sustaining impact on the communities in which they operate.

This is split into three separate reports. First report, as the external marketing consulting, you will provide the background for your idea as to what you believe will be the demands of customers in the future and the challenges these demands might create for the organization’s marketing efforts, highlighting the rationale for your idea’s implementation.

Report 1 (500 words)
Complete the introduction that should include the following:

  • Provide details of the organization for which you have been employed as an external marketing consultant. You should include the following:
    o The type of business that this organization conducts (Eco-Fashion Company)
    o The products and/or services that the organization offers
    o The business challenges that this organization faces
  • Outline what you consider will be the demands from this organization’s customers in the future.
  • Discuss the marketing challenges that this organization has. In particular, explore what the future could hold for this organization and how this could impact its marketing efforts.

Report 2 (1,000 words)
Propose a new market for the organization you are advising. This is a market that this organization has not previously entered. The management of the organization is, therefore, unfamiliar with this market. In Report 2, you will complete the following:

  • Outline details of this market.
  • Explore the extent to which the culture of this market differs from the culture of the country where the firm’s headquarters are located.
  • Discuss the challenges that cultural differences may pose for the organization you are consulting.
  • Advise the organization on how it might adapt its marketing mix in the face of these challenges.

Report 3 (1,500 words)
By this point you will have outlined the organization, the markets it operates in and the marketing challenges that it may encounter. You will have advised the organization on the market that it should consider entering and on any cultural adaptations that it may need to make to its marketing mix for this market.

In this final report you will address ethics and social responsibility. You will reflect on the nature of the market environment that your organization will encounter in the future.

For Week 7 of this Module Project, you will complete the following:

  • Advise your organization on how it may market its products and/or services in an ethical manner.
  • Advise your organization on how its operations may benefit the communities within the new market that you identified in Week 5.
  • In a summary of your consulting advice, outline how being ethical and behaving in a socially responsible manner might provide the organization with a competitive advantage in the years to come.
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