Marketing to Gen Y

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Marketing to Gen Y

Generation Y, also known as millennials, ranges from 16-38 years, and they have superseded the Baby Boomers generation (Dimock, 2019). The members of this generation are massively comfortable with mobile appliances though a small percentage is satisfied with computer purchases, and they typically have several accounts on social media. Gen Y trust brands such as Google and Apple have a ranking product history; hence they have less loyalty to brands than other generations. Many companies are becoming worried about Gen Y consumers because all strategies, including image-building campaigns, fail. Companies will only be successful when they change from marketing strategies that worked for previous generations before Gen Y.

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Appealing to Gen Y

Inquire feedback from the Gen Y consumers for effective marketing. Marketing to Gen Y is challenging compared to the previous generations because it is more informed in technology than any other generation. For this reason, the marketer should never assume that whatever is said is generally understood by this generation, instead of narrowing down and going to the sources. By getting feedback from millennials regarding your products and services, you are assured of maximizing your resources in the best way possible. Gen Y is best in criticizing and promoting a given firm’s products and services; hence, it’s advisable to take heed of their social media comments and improve them.

Be transparent to Gen Y on the dealings of your company and hide nothing. In the past, companies could operate normally and successfully by being less transparent to the previous generations. If a company still uses this approach to Gen Y, it will not go far before it is exposed to social media, especially hidden activities. Come out in various ways such as regular updates on social media and posting behind the scenes videos to show what your company is all about. The company is being marketed efficiently and avoids negative social media posts that degrade the company.

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Accurate timing in marketing to Gen Y is all. Additionally, one of the best things a trademark can do to attract Gen Y is to give significant and timely data regarding goods and services. Fallon (2016) argues that millennials depend on connectivity and immediateness in their stay, play, and work; therefore, convenience matters. It is good to stay sentient on what is happening on the media to catch up with these consumers right on time when in need of a given product. 

Major Do’s and Don’ts 

Do keep things precise because you have a limited time to capture millennials’ attention who have grown up in digital technologies. Do focus on smartphones because the generation ownership of smartphones is above 90%, hence spending more time on smartphones than computers. Do bring positive change because millennials use money majorly in socially witting products and businesses (“Local Marketing for Millennials: 7 Do’s and 3 Don’ts”, 2019). Don’t downplay millennials’ input since their feedback matters and is the easiest and best way to improve local marketing strategies. Don’t take millennials as monoliths since they can share several attributes necessary for local marketing success. Don’t misconceive who they are since the youngest millennials are in the mid-20s and the oldest are about 40 years old.

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Marketing Attempts That Failed in Gen Y

Marketing through magazines and newspapers is a strategy that failed in Gen Y but worked well in the Baby Boomer generation. Most companies find it cheaper to advertise through the papers, but in essence, they fail to reach consumers of Gen Y because most of them do not afford to buy the papers daily. Another marketing strategy inconvenient to Gen Y consumers is through radios and televisions (“Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y, and Gen Z Explained,” 2020). Most millennial consumers do not consider getting news from radios and televisions because they can get them anywhere and place by using their smartphones.

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