Masters Research Report

Posted on March 7, 2023 by Cheapest Assignment

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International Marketing Assignment Sample


Choose one of these “hot topics” in ICT and prepare a 2000 – 3000 word annotated bibliography of the field. In addition to the bibliography itself, the document should include a brief introduction to the area you are investigating and a conclusion that summarizes current trends. Your bibliography should include around 10 papers (between 8 and 12) and for each paper you should write a brief but descriptive and evaluative annotation (between 150 and
300 words). And of course you must provide full bibliographic details (use Harvard reference style) for the papers you have chosen.

Big data


The papers you select for your bibliography must be from a reliable and academically respected source, which usually means an academic journal or refereed conference. Someone’s opinion on a web page is almost certainly not such a source. If you’re not familiar with the idea of an annotated bibliography, there’s lots of online guidance available. A good starting point is the document What is an Annotated Bibliography, available online from the Academic Skills unit at UNSW.


Your report should be prepared using Word (or similar document editor) and EndNote (or similar bibliographic database). Submit both your report (in PDF) and your EndNote database (use File / Compressed Library to generate a .enlx file)

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