MBA 7000 People and Organisation Integrated Assignment

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Write a research paper containing 3000 words (+/- 10%) ,incorporating that the organizational culture has a strong bearing and influence on the behaviour and performance pattern of the people in the organization which in turn determines the competitiveness of the same in the market economy. Further, elucidate the interrelationship between leadership role and organizational effectiveness and culture with suitable examples.

  1. What do you understand by ‘culture’? Explain about organizational culture.
  2. Write in critical details about ‘the work culture’ and ‘ the performance behaviour’. Highlight how they complement each other.
  3. Narrate with suitable organizational examples the role of leadership in building organizational culture.
  4. Critically illustrate how organizational culture impacts performance improvement in the same.
  5. Conclusion
    Required Secondary Research – Each student must search, read, and analyse at least three scholarly articles on each of the above topics to develop ideas and data for the paper. The other research data can come from open sources such as newspaper, internet, magazines, and company websites. Your paper must use examples of companies and how they using some of these practices in each area of research. You will find these examples in the existing research.

Paper Format: Paper must be presented in the following format:

  1. Cover page with title of the paper and team member names
  2. Introduction of the topic by briefly discussing the importance of study of OB for managers, and a plan for your paper
  3. Detailed analysis of the four research areas mentioned above. Organize each area in a separate section
  4. Identify key theories and models referenced in your literature review and incorporate them in your analysis
  5. Provide charts, graphs, statistics and their sources to support factual data and concepts
  6. Conclusions
  7. Bibliography page using Harvard referencing system
    Deliverables and submission:

Students should submit to the Controller of Examinations (Universal Business School) Office by the due date:

  • Once soft copy of your report for TurnItIn check
  • One hard copy of your research report
  • One Feedback Sheet, ensuring that your names/student numbers are listed
  • The paper must have Harvard Referencing and Source Identification

Assessment Criteria:

This assessment will measure the following learning outcomes:

  • Critically analyse key theoretical approaches to the management of change with reference to structure, culture, conflict and managing self
  • Critically examine organisational behaviour in a variety of contexts and develop discussion based on complex scenarios and the changing external environment
  • Develop, explore and critique human resource management approaches in these contexts with reference to contemporary theory and an understanding of current practice
  • A conceptual understanding of the core theories in understanding people and their role in organisations
    Core Skills:

This assignment contributes evidence towards attainment of the following core People &
Organisations’ skills:

  • Analytical and synthesizing skills
  • Skills in application of theoretical models
  • Substantive understanding of how to manage people in organizations
  • Secondary researching skills
  • Producing Research Paper in proper format and Harvard referencing
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