MBA Integrated Communication Assignment 3 Sample

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Marketing Communications Plan


Marketing Communications Plan or can be called a Marcom plan, is basically a strategy to inform about the product offerings, product availabilities, product services to the customers. It is incorporated basically in a target market to identify the specific population regarding the product service. A marketing communication plan must include some aims and objectives to drive better. It must include the audience, shareholders, communicators, delivery processes and statuses, etc. to develop a marketing communication plan it is very important to identify the purpose of the plan to execute it in better ways. After that, the audiences should be targeted to connect with them for better availability. The marketing communication plan in the company has been used strategically to interact with the clients in the respect of product offerings. It is just a new form of the communication process in terms to grow business. The most important part of a marketing communication plan is market research. By market research, the company gets to know the various needs and requirements of the customers and that can help the company to meet customer requirements. To raise a company it is very important to know the needs of the customer and to pay attention to the various requirements and the expectations of the customers to do better in fulfilling the needs (Son et al., 2018). Tesco has clearly mentioned that one of the most important things the company manages is, the company always hear the customer requirement and they focus on customer orientation. This report will cover all the segments of Integrated Marketing Communication tools and the Marketing Communication plan taken by Tesco.

MBA Integrated Communication Assignment 3

Integrated Marketing Communication tools and its applications:

The tools of Integrated Marketing Communication are:

  • Advertising

Advertising is a form of communication in terms of paid mode. It is a very effective and significant form of communication as it can enhance the mass audience in a very short time. It helps in sales by promoting the business and creates awareness too (PAUZI, 2017). The marketers who are advertising their businesses are supposed to deliver the right message as it will cover the whole customer range. The message should be very clear and delivered in an efficient manner. Tesco has used advertising to grow their business; they promote their business by using various pamphlets, online advertisements, social media pages, etc.

  • Personal selling

Personal selling is a segment used to interact with the customers face to face to sell their products. The main motive of this is to promote the company products by convincing the customers. In this case, customer reliability is a very important thing to be noted. The trust towards the company helps a customer to purchase their product. It is a very significant tool of integrated marketing communication because in this section a salesperson directly talks with the customer (Muhammedrisaevna et al., 2020). In this case, a salesperson should be very clear in his pitches and need to be focused on his work. The Tesco Company used this method to promote their products to the customers and it helps to expand the customer range.

MBA Integrated Communication Assignment 1 Sample

  • Direct Marketing

It is one of the oldest forms of communication. In this form, communication is established through mails, fax, calls, texts, brochures, and letters. It is a very important method for online shopping (Duralia, 2018). Presently online shopping becomes highly affordable and direct marketing methods are used in this section. Tesco Company is using this method to grow its business in the online platform by promoting their products through sending mails, catalogues, etc.

  • Mobile Marketing

It is basically a communication system based on sending text messages to the customers regarding various product schemes and offers. Not even Tesco, many other companies are using this method to promote their business by communicating with customers.

  • Marketing through Social Media

Nowadays, social media is the strongest platform for brand promotion and increasing customer engagement. Through social media, a company can advertise its products, new schemes, new offers, etc… That can develop the customers’ focus on that company and that can help in growing the business. There are various ways in social media to promote a company, by making pages of the company, by boosting advertisements etc. Social media helps the smallest business to communicate with people around the world. Social media allows creating a dynamic online existence and establishing a discourse with wide viewers – with existing clients, fresh prospects, various rivalries and suppliers (Šķiltere and Bormane, 2018).

  • Public Relations

It is basically relationship management between the customers and the company. This relationship is based on the feedback given by the public to the company. Public relation helps to manage the goodwill in a company by presenting the company products in a positive way. In this segment, a company can be promoted by various press conferences, public appearances, sponsorships, etc. Tesco tries to manage the public relation in a great manner as it helps in customer orientation that can be very helpful for developing the business.

Integrated Marketing Communication tools

Fig- Integrated Marketing Communication tools

  • Sales Promotion

This tool is used to give short term incentives to the customers for company promotion. It helps to accelerate the growth of the company regarding to sales. The incentives given to the customers provide a reason to buy their products and in this segment company offered various new schemes, discount coupons, free samples, premiums, etc.

MBA Integrated Communication Assignment 2 Sample

Tesco is using this method offering various new schemes to promote the business.

  • Sponsorships

Sponsorships boost the awareness of a company or its products in building reliability with a specific target audience. It helps to distinguish a product from its rivals. It helps in providing other merchandising chances, by demonstrating pledge to a community.

MBA Integrated Communication Assignment 3

Marketing communication plan:

Marketing is basically a selling concept to obtain more customers by various strategic activities and integrating market competition. A marketing communication plan holds the economic markets and product services by penetrating the trends. Tesco holds the largest retailing market position in Britain, covering more or less every possible sector of groceries and even finance, telecom sectors too. Tesco pledged to satisfy its customers in every possible way. The customer orientation of the company makes their customer satisfied and happy. The company has taken up the plan of “pile it high, sell it cheap” though today the strategy is changed a little (Fadeyi, 2020). They try to approach their goals in all the segments they entered. Tesco is using a complex strategy in the context of marketing to communicate with the customers. The company stands for the motto “every little help” and helping their customer in every possible manner. This motto helps to promote the business by penetrating customers’ minds. The most important step in the context of marketing communication, Tesco has introduced Clubcard in the year 1995. This tool helps Tesco to gather important information regarding the customers which can be used to improve the marketing strategy of Tesco. It helps in implementing various marketing plans by heightening the awareness in audience targeting (Camilleri, 2018). The Clubcard is very innovative in nature, used to enhance customer reliability by building public relationships. The customers who give important data regarding to business are rewarded. Tesco is started to improve its elemental knowledge in every segment of business and target audience.

Marketing communication plan

Fig- Marketing communication plan

In the marketing communication plan, Tesco has implemented the message and the media in every aspect to grow customer availability (Ibrahim et al., 2017). Sending messages to communicate with a wide range of people helps the company to create more engagement. This is a very simple process and easy to understand, that is why more people are engaging with this method of promotion. Tesco has started its business implementation in media too. Through social media platforms and other media conferences, campaigns, Tesco is enabling the chances to grow.

Many different types of marketing communication tools have been adopted by the company to communicate with customers and it gains a wide range of channels, media coverage, social influences, etc.


Tesco, as a very powerful brand in the retail markets it holds a valuable reputation for its customer orientation, reasonable prices and for its brand equity. The ethics and the associations of the company help it to expand through all the segments of marketing. From this report, it is concluded that the various tools of Integrated Marketing Communications are very much helpful for the growth of the company and the marketing communication plan taken by Tesco is very much applicable for every sector of marketing communication.

MBA Integrated Communication Assignment 2


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