MBA501-A1 Dynamic Strategy and Disruptive Innovation

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MN4062 - Principles of Management

Stakeholder Analysis

Assessment 1

Your Task
Develop a stakeholder analysis PowerPoint slide deck. This assessment is only limited to developing a
slide deck; no class presentation or video recording involved.
Assessment Description
This assessment is based on stakeholder analysis related concepts discussed in weeks 1-3. You are required to identify and analyse stakeholders of BHP based on the stakeholder analysis framework presented in week three. This assessment focuses on assessing, formulating, and implementing business strategies. You are expected to engage the stakeholder framework to identify ways in which a firm can create sustainable competitive advantage and generate value for its various stakeholders.

Assessment Instructions
Individually, you are required to research BHP and develop a Stakeholder Analysis PowerPoint slide deck (
The slide deck should include the following.
A. Introduction to BHP
This section should include an introduction to BHP. Need to capture the vision and mission of the company with recent developments, challenges, and industry trends.
B. Stakeholder View
Prepare a diagram with BHP as the central organisation surrounded by the company’s stakeholder groups using the stakeholder view model. Need to identify at least seven stakeholders.
For each stakeholder group identified in the stakeholder view model, provide a brief description as to why this stakeholder is important for BHP.
C. Stakeholder Analysis for four selected stakeholder groups

Pick four stakeholders of BHP and analyse their behaviour, stakeholder’s stakeholders, motives, and possible coalitions. It is important to engage the stakeholder framework discussed in week THREE workshop. You will be exploring the same four stakeholders in assignment 2. Therefore, please ensure that the four stakeholders you select in assignment one will fall within the Swing, Offensive, Defensive, and Hold category. In preparing for this assessment, you must note the following aspects:
o Need to refer academically oriented articles and books into the analysis.
 Minimum of three academically oriented articles and books apart from industry reports, credible online news sources, business magazines, websites, etc.
o Concepts relevant for this assessment are in workshops 1-3.
o A sample slide template will be provided.
o Can use the notes pane to explain the points/ analysis indicated in the slides. The write-up in the notes pane should not exceed 200 words per slide. Use the notes pane only when it is necessary.
o Watch the assessment briefing webinar conducted by the Subject Coordinator – refer subject welcome message from the Coordinator for the date and time

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