MBA501-A2 Dynamic Strategy and Disruptive Innovation

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Stakeholder Strategy development, implementation, and strategic leadership Report

Your task
Explore the generic strategy programs available for the four stakeholders of BHP identified in Assignment 1. You are to provide recommendations on the most suitable strategic approach for each stakeholder type, discuss strategy implementation and review the importance of strategic leadership for BHP.
Assessment Description.
This assessment focuses on strategy development (workshop 4), strategy implementation (workshop 5) and strategic leadership (workshop 7). This assessment focuses on assessing, formulating, and implementing business strategies. The strategies formulated for BHP should create sustainable competitive advantage and generate value for its various stakeholders. Overall, this assessment concentrates on your ability to evaluate business portfolios and corporate strategy development.
Assessment Instructions
A. Generic Strategy Programs
In assignment 1, you analysed the behaviour and motives of Swing, Defensive, Offensive, and Hold stakeholders of BHP. Based on week four workshop discussions, you are to analyse the generic strategy programs available for each of the Swing, Defensive, Offensive and Hold stakeholders identified in assignment 1.
B. Recommended Strategy
Based on the analysis of generic strategy options, recommend a specific strategic program for each of the stakeholders.
C. Strategy Implementation
Based on workshop five discussions, analyse different elements of strategy implementation in- the context of recommended strategies identified for BHP.
D. Strategic Leadership
Based on workshop seven discussions, analyse the importance of strategic leadership for strategy development and implementation at BHP.
In preparing for this assessment, you must also note the following aspects:
o It is Important to explore MBA 501 workshops 4,5, and 7 content for this assessment.
o The report should contain an executive summary, table of content, introduction, headings, sub-headings and a conclusion.
o Need to refer to academically oriented articles and books when developing the report.
▪ Minimum of six academically oriented articles and books apart from industry reports, credible online news sources, business magazines, websites, etc.
o Watch the assignment briefing webinar conducted by the Subject Coordinator – refer subject welcome message from the Coordinator for the date and time.

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