MBA503-A1 Operations Management and Decision-Making Models

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Entrepreneurship and Marketing Sample

Operational Strategy Report

Your task
Using the most recent year’s gold award winners of the Australasian Reporting Awards – Sustainability section prepare a 1500 word report explaining how your chosen company’s operational strategies, supply and logistics systems and strategic decisions have supported the company to achieve its desired business outcomes.
Assessment Description.
In this individual assessment, students will be given an opportunity to explain operational strategies and demonstrate the skills needed to build effective supply and logistics systems that support desired business outcomes by applying strategies integrating ethical, social and global considerations, which will benefit organisational performance.
Assessment Instructions The Australasian Reporting Awards celebrate and acknowledge excellence in preparing annual reports. The awards are held annually with companies from Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific area
being eligible to apply. The company chosen by students must; have won either a gold award in the sustainability section of the awards in the most recent year. Link to the relevant section of the awards link is
The assessment needs to include the following headings:
1. INTRODUCTION – (150 Words) – Provide an overview of the company.
2. REPORT – Address the following questions under each of the headings:
 Supply Chain – How has the company built an effective supply chain and/or logistics system which supports the company’s operational and sustainability processes. (400 words)
 Economic, environmental and social impacts – What are the critical of factors (ethical, social or global) for the company in relation to sustainability and organisational performance. (400 words)
 Operational/ management approaches – What are the key operational / management matters the company has needed to address in the year covered by the report. (400 words)
3. CONCLUSION (150 words)

4. REFERENCE LIST (following Kaplan Harvard Referencing Guide)
• The report needs to be submitted via Turnitin. The primary source of information with this assessment is the chosen company’s annual report. This information needs to be augmented by a minimum of 10 academic references.
• Please refer to the assessment marking guide to assist you in completing all the assessment criteria.

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