MBA503-A3 Operations Management and Decision-Making Models

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Your task
For this assessment, students produce a video in which they speak as if they are presenting to a company board. During this presentation, students will provide advice and reflections about the decision-making processes followed during a recent organisational crisis experienced by this company.
Assessment Description.
This assessment involves students choosing a real-life example of an organisational crisis. This will be used as a case study. An organisational crisis is defined as a significant, essentially unexpected event which threatens the company’s reputation, financial standing and/or ability to operate. Examples of organisational crises include; natural disasters, security breaches, fraud, product recalls and environmental spills. The crisis students choose needs to be approved by their workshop facilitator. This assessment will allow you to demonstrate an application of strategies integrating ethical, social and global considerations, which benefit organisational performance. The assessment will further help you to exhibit analytical and evaluation skills about the real-world situation using a wide variety of decision-making approaches and techniques.
Assessment Instructions
In the video, students are to present as if they are presenting to the company board of their chosen organisation. Students are to imagine they are a consultant who has expertise if effective decisionmaking. They have been called in to review the decision-making processes followed during the crisis they have picked as a case study. The video should include a short overview of the crisis and then answer the following three questions:
1) What decision-making models or approaches were used by the company when managing this crisis? In answering this question refer at 1 (one) decision-making model which could have been followed.
2) Identify on a minimum of 2 (two) decision-making biases or errors might have influenced the decisions made. What could have been the impact of these biases or errors?
3) Make a minimum of 2 (two) recommendations regarding the strategies that could be put in place, in the future, to avoid your identified decision-making biases or errors.

A minimum of 5 academic references should be used to support the statements made and arguments presented in this video.
To ensure the success of your video presentation, you should take account of the following:
• Ensure that you record in a well-lit location and quiet location so that the quality of your video is enhanced
• Confirm that your voice is recording clearly and avoid reading notes, and look at the camera when you speak.
• Practice numbers times beforehand so that you become polished and confident.
• Be creative in how you present your information and reinforce the arguments or positions you are taking

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