MBA602 Small Business Administration

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Your Task
Individually, you are required to record a 10-minute video in which you are to reflect on whether you are more of a small businessperson or an entrepreneur considering your skill sets and your passions. You are then to research a small business owner you admire and analyse his/her significant business decision in their business journey.

Assessment Description
In this individual assessment, students are given an opportunity to reflect on your own skills and passions to start your own business.
Assessment Instructions
Each student is to submit a 10-minute video presentation covering the following questions.
• What is the difference between an entrepreneur and a small business owner? Which one are you or do you think you are? Why? Give specific examples / experiences.
• What skills are required to manage the on-going demands associated with running a small business? Which ones do you have? What are your skill gaps? What is your strategy to fill those gaps for you to have a successful business?
• What is your passion? Do you think you could turn that ‘passion’ into a successful small business? Why or why not? Justify your answer using marketing research including local, national, and global trends depending on your vision and mission for the proposed business.
• Research a small-medium business owner or entrepreneur that you admire or aspire to be. State why you chose this person. Analyse his/her significant business decisions in their business journey; these can include those turning points in the business. For example, during COVID-19, many small businesses had to quickly ‘pivot’ to retain their business due to the restrictions. In this example, discuss what were some key strategies that helped them survive during that period. For others, note their small business success stories and identify what led to his/her success
as well as what strategies helped overcome any key challenges.

In preparing this assessment, you will need to utilise theories/concepts taught in weeks 1 to 4 and use at least 10 sources of information and reference these in accordance with the Kaplan Harvard Referencing Style. These may include websites, government publications, industry reports, census data, journal articles, and newspaper articles. These references should be presented as in-text citations; you are expected to have a reference list at the end of your slides to support your video. Remember, Wikipedia is NOT a reliable source. For the slides:
• When you record your presentation, you also must turn on the video so you can be seen in the presentation.
• You are encouraged to be creative with your slide presentation. Try not to use too many words on the slide. Remember – “A picture says a thousand words”. Use appropriate pictures / photos that support your talk.
• There is no limit to the number of slides you should have; just remember you only have 10 minutes for your video presentation. Here is an example of your slide outline: Slide 1: Cover slide Slide 2: Background of yourself Slide 3: Entrepreneur vs Small Business Owner Slide 4: Skills Required Slide 5: Your Passion / Business Idea Slide 6: Your Passion / Business Idea (justification) Slide 7: Owner / Entrepreneur you admire and why Slide 8: Owner / Entrepreneur business journey / turning point(s) / strategies Slide 9: Owner / Entrepreneur business journey / strategies Slide 10: Conclusion Slide 11: References (minimum 10)

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