MBA603 – New Venture Raising Capital

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OMED 1425/6 - Formative Assessment

Your task
To analyse two different investment opportunities that are currently on equity crowdfunding / investment platforms and determine the company that you would invest in. The two companies to evaluate will be sent to you in Week 8 via the Subject Announcements (portal).
Assessment Description
In this group assignment, students will critically assess existing corporate ventures and create recommendations arising from a comprehensive risk assessment.
Assessment Instructions
In week 9 (in class), your workshop facilitator will divide you into teams of 3 – 4 people. You are playing the roles of being part of an angel group of investors who have AUD$50,000 to invest. Your team is required to create a 10- minute presentation on the pros and cons of each company from an investor point of view and then decide which one your team would invest in (NOTE: there is no requirement that you must invest in either of the companies). Give justification as to why you are /are not interested in investing in the company (or companies). Understandably, you may not have all the information you want from a due diligence perspective, but based on the information you have been given, analyse each opportunity.
Some of the aspects to take into consideration are, but not limited to:
• The capability and motivation of the management team •
• Scalability of the company •
• Intellectual Property (e.g., is it defendable?) •
• Liability and litigation •
• Company has sufficient capital •
• Existing customers are able and willing to pay / market demand / competition. •
• Success Probability

Each person on the team will be expected to speak in the presentation. For this assessment, there is a minimum of six (6) references which can include journals, reputable websites, government papers, etc.


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