MBA613 – Organisational Change and Innovation

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Unit 7.3 Strategic Resource Management

Your Task
This assessment task focusses on creating an individual report based the Case Study and the questions
Assessment Description
You will conduct an analysis of the key concepts and theories identified by the Case Study and the
associated three (3) questions. Some additional research will be required. The Case Study will enable
you to explore contemporary themes in relation to organisational change, strategy and risk across
industries and the global environment. You will be provided the Case Study by Week 6.

Page 2 Kaplan Business School Assessment Outline
Assessment Instructions
• Using a Report Format, include the following components:
o Introduction (200 words)
o Identification of the Overall Case Study Concepts (400 words)
o Question One (Sustaining Change in both Local and Global Environments) (400 words)
o Question Two (Change Management Strategy and Risk) (400 words)
o Question Three (Change in a Chaotic and Unpredictable Environment Across Different
Industries and Geographies) (400 words)
o Conclusion (200 words)
o Reference List (using the Kaplan Harvard Referencing Convention throughout your report and
reference list at the end)

• You should include a minimum of 5 references (contemporary business articles, news items and/or
comparison websites) to support your analysis.
• Please refer to the Assessment Marking Guide to assist you in completing all the assessment criteria.

Word Limits for Written Assessments
Submissions that exceed the word limit by more than 10% will cease to be marked from the point
at which that limit is exceeded.


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