MBA642 Project Management Assignment Help

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Assessment Information

Subject Code: MBA642

Subject Name: Project Initiation, Planning and Execution

Assessment Title: Project Schedule

Weighting: 40%

Total Marks: 40

MBA642 Project Management Assignment Help

Assessment Description

Submission: Turnitin

Length: 1,500 words +/- 10%, plus appendices

Late submission possible: Yes, but published penalties will be applied

Assessment brief

You are required to prepare a project schedule for the following case scenario and submit the results as a report to a client. You will need to research and select a free trial for a project management software tool (e.g., Zoho) that is capable of producing a task list (WBS) and Gantt chart.

E-strategic management

Case scenario

You are a family of two adults (Kelly & Jeff). You have two children (Will aged 7 & Lexie aged 12), two cars and a dog (Buddy). Jeff recently secured a new position as a Marketing Director interstate and now needs to move the family to Perth. Currently, the family live in a two-bedroom rental apartment in Maroochydore, on the Sunshine Coast, Qld. The relocation will be to a rented four-bedroom suburban house in Perth (already secured). Jeff starts his new job on 5 February 2018, and they need to vacate their current property on 20th January 2018. The new rental in Perth commences on 27th January 2018.


  • Jeff & Kelly have no relatives living on the Sunshine Coast.
  • The cost of the move is the responsibility of Kelly & Jeff. The budget is $5,000 (max.)
  • The Perth School term commences Wednesday 31st January.

Accounting: Concepts and Principles


Prepare a plan (WBS) for all activities required to effectively move the family and their belongings to Perth (including all transportation). Compile a Gantt chart, inspect it and make all necessary refinements to meet the needs of the family and their budget. As you refine your task list and schedule, keep a record of what amendments you make and why.

Prepare a final report for submission to the family (as your client). The report needs to include:

  1. an overview of the scenario (or brief);
  2. the criteria and assumptions used to prepare the milestone plan and task list (WBS);
  3. a milestone plan (as an appendix);
  4. a list of the tasks (as an appendix) and who is responsible for each task;
  5. a Gantt chart (as an appendix) indicating the flow of tasks;
  6. details of all adjustments made to the schedule, why you made these adjustments; and
  7. a personal reflection on the process.

MKT00720 – Marketing

Important Study Information

Academic Integrity Policy

KBS values academic integrity. All students must understand the meaning and consequences of cheating, plagiarism and other academic offences under the Academic Integrity and Conduct Policy.

For details on academic integrity policies and penalties, the reassessment process, and the appeals process, please refer to

Word Limits for Written Assessments

Submissions that exceed the word count by more than 10% will cease to be marked from the point at which that limit is exceeded.

Study Assistance

Students may seek study assistance from their local Academic Success Centre representative or refer to the study help on the MyKBS Academic Success Centre page. You can find this by clicking on the top page toolbar:

My Services>Academic Success Centre>Study Support Resources

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