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DATE: March 23, 2021

TO: Jody Asher, Assistant Director

FROM: Communication Department

SUBJECT: Analysis of Manual

After careful analysis of the materials provided about the manual, a few issues came to light and have hereby been discussed in this memo. One of the most outstanding observations is the tone used in the manual. It is important to note that the tone greatly influences the user’s attitude towards the project based on their emotional response. The manual should contain a courteous tone that should focus on delivering the system’s merits without undermining the users’ capabilities and function. The tone applied in the manual fails to meet this purpose sufficiently. For example, the introductory bit talks about eliminating problems of attendance and labour data collection. This may seem to undermine the current systems, and more neutral terms such as ‘increasing efficiency’ should be used. 

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The manual is also vague to a certain extent and fails to meet basic clarity requirements. It advises against using any of the four arrow keys, the TAB key, and any keys marked INSERT LINE, INSERT CHARACTER, etc. Information on the outcome of these actions and the correction of the same has not been provided. This may come as a setback to the user. There is also a lack of basic descriptions for different sections in the system. Illustrations help the user to gain a good understanding of the system and what purpose is served by various areas.

In summary, the manual requires adjustments on different levels to make it more appealing to the user. This greatly aids the training program and encourages the development of positive attitudes towards the system. In as much as the manual fails to meet a few requirements, it provides a step-by-step sequence while adhering to the correct timing of the actual operations

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Joseph Capitani, CEO

Cap-Hays Manufacturing

P.O BOX 22164

Ginger, Alabama 01285

March 23, 2021

Dear Mr Capitani,

I am writing to you concerning your offer of a freelance job in revising the Speed Check manual. My current position in the company leaves me with a good amount of free time over the weekends. Taking this into consideration, I have decided to accept the offer and am ready to start at your earliest convenience.

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The position you have offered me will entail making amendments to several key areas within the user manual. The expected results are a user manual that meets basic requirements to enhance employee acceptability and general efficiency. The scope of the entire task will be spread for six weeks, and to this effect, I have arrived at a figure of six thousand five hundred dollars as my salary.

The areas that require attention are tone, clarity, and the addition of descriptions. Considering I will be working the weekends only, correction of two is likely to take two weekends. Details relating to clarity will require research and thorough analysis of the entire manual, which will take two weekends. The addition of basic descriptions will take a single weekend, and the last week will be spent on reviews and counter-checking. All this will fit within your six weeks’ time frame.

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I look forward to hearing from you.


Communication Specialist. 

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