Mental Health – Nursing

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This task will allow you to undertake in-depth research on the concept of stigma and its impact on those individuals and their families who live with the daily challenges of mental illness, using a contemporary mental health website to elaborate on these concepts.  This is an individual task, with a standard essay structure of 1,200 words in length (+ or – 10% and EXCLUDING in-text citations and reference list) and requires Harvard referencing style.

You will need to discuss the phenomenon of stigma in depth. You then choose at least ONE contemporary mental health website (some examples are seen in the resource section below). Use examples from this website to support your research in relation to stigma and its impact upon individuals, their families and the community as a whole. You will be assessed on the quality and clarity of the essay to communicate findings, in addition to:

  • The depth of analysis and critical evaluation of stigma and its effects on individuals and their families and as it relates to mental health promotion and illness
  • The use of relevant sources to support your findings
  • Academic communication including structure, grammar and referencing.


You need to use an appropriate, contemporary mental health web site in which to support your findings
within the essay. For example you may choose:
any other anti-stigma campaign of your choosing. It does not have to be an Australian website. You will use  this web site to demonstrate how anti stigma campaigns work to minimise stigma, based on previous findings within the academic literature. Please note: you are not being asked to critique the website, rather how does it demonstrate wht the literature suggests are ways of minimising the phenomenon of stigma. You will also need current, relevant, peer reviewed academic literature (minimum of 5-8)  to support your argument.

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