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GEOG-459 Energy Policy Brief

Presentation Component 3: Ethical Leadership

You and your colleagues are leadership consultants”. You specialize in providing analysis of the impact of leadership behaviour on culture and behaviours for organisations.

Group  1
Student ID                     Name
12023189                       Abdul Akheel
12025556                       Mahesh Kummari
12022273                       Mohammed Abdul Nooman

You have just been hired by the CEO and Senior Executives an AFL (or NRL) football team. They have been concerned at the culture that has emerged amongst their players, that has included incidents at nightclubs that have
required police presence, allegations of drug taking-, which is specifically against league policy and in some instances players turning up for training sessions in a clear state of distress.

They have asked you to provide a summary of leader ethical leadership concepts and how this could be used to change the culture of the playing group.

  1. Select two leaders, one from a business environment and another form a sporting background that can be used as exemplars.
  2. Describe the behaviours of each leader and classify these using the authentic leadership and Kouzes and Posner’s 5 exemplary leader practices.
  3. Outline the impact that leadership has on culture- both positive and negative
  4. What specific training or support would you and your colleagues suggest the club adopt to assist in facilitating cultural change?
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