MGT355 Global Operations Management

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MGT355 Global Operations Management

Write an essay (2,000-2,500 words) recommending an operations strategies for one chosen company.

The coursework submission is only accepted through Unihub.

Work individually and complete the following tasks:

  1. Select a company of your choice.
  2. Outline briefly the company’s products and/or services and identify how these products/services qualify and win orders in the marketplace
  3. Analyse the company’s operations, focusing on how its operations strategy is deployed to meet objectives
  4. Review at least two aspects of operating management themes you have learned in class
  5. Use operating management themes to identify two or three potential business opportunities
  6. Synthesise the company’s operations strategy and operating management themes and recommend: 1) how a firm can improve its operations management, and 2) how a firm can attract more consumers.

1. Company selection:

  • You may select any legal company, located in any country; however, make sure you can
    access sufficient information about the company and its operations before finalising your
  • Size and sector are not important but companies using advanced technologies might be
    easier to work with on this assignment.

2. Qualifiers and order-winners:

  • Outline the company’s products and services
  • Use Hill & Hill (2012) Chapter 2 as a starting point for the analysis of qualifiers and order-winners.

3. Operations strategy:

  • Consider the dimension of operations strategy (price, quality, speed/flexibility, reliability, product range, amongst others as appropriate)

4. International Operation Management themes:

  • Use the recommended reading list and electronic searches of the university’s databases to identify appropriate readings

5. Recommendations:

  • Consider how a firm can improve its operation management
    o Consider, for example, how a firm can improve productivity and reliability;
    o And/or which kind of operation methods is best suited for speed of delivery, amongst other considerations.
  • You may present the analysis in a table, if appropriate.
  • Recommend one of operation management; justify your recommendation
    o Use the company operations strategy analysis and the theory review in the justification

General guidance:

  • The aim of the assignment is to analyse application of operating strategies themes in a real world scenario.
  • The report requires you to put themes you have learned into practice. Avoid describing the themes in operating management in detail; focus on the application of the themes in operating management to your chosen company.
  • Any analysis of the company’s strategic position is not needed and will not attract marks; avoid SWOT, 5 Forces analysis and similar techniques.
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