MGT501 – Management Thoery and Practice

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Assessment item 2b
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Due date: 18-Dec-
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According to Schermerhorn (2012), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an organisation’s obligation to act in
ways that serve both its own interests and the interests of stakeholders, representing society at large.
Sustainability is an important social responsibility goal.
• Discuss this statement using an organisation as an example of CSR practices.
• Apply and evaluate relevant theoretical concepts to the organisation to support your arguments.
• Go on to examine and evaluate critically the applicability of these theoretical concepts to influence
sustainability practices in your chosen organisations. (Consider multiple perspectives: stakeholders will have different and sometimes conflicting interests).
• Academic and professional communication skills: You must follow an essay structure that is at a minimum an introduction; a main body that outlines the argument, analyses the material you have researched and assesses this according to the guidelines above; and a conclusion. Your writing style must follow professional literacy:
Citations and a final reference list that follows the APA 6 guidelines accurately; the quality of writing and
presentation: accurate mechanics (spelling, grammar, punctuation etc.); use respectful language to discuss all people; avoid emotive language; employ inclusive, non-sexist language. Use a minimum of three (3) academic journals as citations/references.

In short, you will need to demonstrate an understanding and critical analysis of the concepts, as well as evaluating the practical reality in the workplace. Please refer to relevant academic literature and source materials, as well as drawing upon your knowledge of the organisation.

This assignment is designed to address Learning Objectives 1 to 5 (see above) by :
• familiarising students with the various theories relating to organisations
• encouraging students to discern the strengths and weaknesses of the wide array of theoretical contributions;
• encouraging students to use empirical evidence to support their arguments.

Clearly demonstrates a high level ability to synthesise theory and practice using readings and/or alternative perspectives
Able to interpret the relationship between theory and practice accurately. Offers appropriate and relevant examples to support line of argument.
Able to identify the relevant relationships between theory and practice. Offers some evaluation, but occasionally lack consistency.
Demonstrates an adequate level of understanding relating theory to practice; and some consideration provided of alternative perspectives. Descriptive. Reproduces information from lectures and readings. The relationship between theory and practice underdeveloped and is poorly argued.

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