MIS781 Business Intelligence and Database

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MIS781 Business Intelligence and Database

Final Assessment Task – Open-book Online Exam


  • The final assessment will be an Open-book Take Home Online Exam.
  • The exam will be released on the unit CloudDeakin site in the Exam Resources areas, at the date/time scheduled in the University Exam T1 2023 timetable.
  • The examination is open for 24 hours. Within this period, you have 2 hours to complete the exam. You must submit it within 2 hours and 15 minutes after you have accessed the exam. For example, if you download/start your exam at 8 pm, you must submit the exam by 10:15 pm.
  • Late submissions will not be marked.
  • You must complete the task individually.
  • The exam comprises 4 questions. You must complete all parts of all questions. It is anticipated that the exam will take you approximately 2 hours of working time.
  • Non-submission will result in a mark of zero.
  • The reason for the 24-hour window is to allow you to complete the task at a time that suits your personal circumstances.
  • For students seeking Special Consideration or for students on Access plans or both. Please mention it on the first page of the exam right next to your student ID (type this: I’m a student on access plan). You may apply for Special Consideration if you think that your circumstances require reasonable adjustments:

To complete the exam

On the day and time of the exam, download the exam from the CloudDeakin site using the following pathway:

  • The exam can be found under:
    o Content>
    o Exam Resources> IMPORTANT Examination Information >
    o T1 2023 MIS781 Exam
  • Download and save the exam on your computer as a Microsoft Word Document using the following file name: student ID and the unit code and the unit name, for example 123456789_MIS781_Business Intelligence and Database.
  • Type your responses directly under each question.
  • Save your work regularly while responding to the exam questions.
  • There is a maximum word limit for your exam response of 2,000 words—any words beyond that will not be assessed. There is no 10% leeway.
  • You must complete the task INDIVIDUALLY.
  • Ensure that you have a reliable internet connection and computer hardware for downloading the exam and uploading it to the CloudDeakin Dropbox on the day of the exam.
  • Be careful to respond explicitly to the questions asked. Do not copy large amounts of information from lecture slides, textbooks, journals, or online sources as this is unlikely to address the questions. Your submitted exam response will be checked by electronic or other means for the purposes of detecting collusion and/or plagiarism, therefore it is important you respond to the questions using your own words.

Structure and formatting

It is preferred that you clearly structure your answers to these questions as follows:

  • Use introductory sentences to clearly indicate any assumptions that you consider to be relevant to your answer.
  • Use notes or bullet points to present the content of your answers. Each bullet point may be a single sentence or a paragraph that describes one aspect of your answer.
  • As this is an exam, it is not expected that you will use external references in your response. However, if you do use external sources you need to cite them according to APA referencing conventions, see:

The Open-book Online Exam could assess all topics covered in the unit.


The best way to prepare for the Open-book Take Home Online Exam is to:

  • Know the unit materials thoroughly.
  • Complete the revision as recommended by the unit chair.
  • Before the exam, think about the content covered in the unit. Think about the type of questions which could be asked and prepare notes related to those questions.
  • Note that you are unlikely to have access to e-textbooks provided through the Deakin Library during your exam due to licensing constraints, therefore, you should prepare your own study notes in advance.
  • This Open-book Take Home Online Exam contains problem-based, not research questions. You can base your answers on the course materials as provided and you will not be expected to look up other resources.

Working and Submission details

  • You must keep a backup copy of the exam response you submit until results are released.
  • You can make multiple submissions within the exam period. All submissions will be retained. The submission that will be marked will be the last submission made by the submission due date/time.
  • When you submit your response in the Dropbox on the unit site, you will receive an email to your Deakin email address confirming that it has been submitted. You should check that you can see your submission in the Submissions view of the Assessment task Dropbox folder after upload, and check for, and keep, the email receipt for the submission.
  • Late submission is not possible. If you fail to upload your response by the deadline, your response cannot be marked. No late submissions will be accepted.
  • Once the exam is released the unit team is not permitted to answer any further questions about it. If you feel there are errors or other issues on the exam, you should briefly explain in your response any such issue and how you have dealt with it in your response (for example, any assumptions you have made about the information provided).
  • Discussion boards will be closed 24 hours on the day prior to the exam.
  • You should not contact the unit team about the exam during or after the exam unless you need to email your submission to the unit chair due to a technical issue uploading to CloudDeakin.
  • Do not contact the unit team regarding any extension for this task. If you feel there are circumstances beyond your control that have affected your ability to complete this exam, then you must apply for Special Consideration via the faculty portal; information is available from this site: https://www.deakin.edu.au/students/studying/assessment-andresults/special-consideration.

Academic Integrity

  • All Deakin students are expected to act with academic integrity in accordance with the student academic integrity policy and procedure.
  • This means you must submit your own work without input or assistance from anybody else.
  • Your submission will be checked by electronic or other means for the purposes of detecting collusion and/or plagiarism.
  • For more information about academic misconduct, special consideration, extensions, and assessment feedback, please refer to the document Your rights and responsibilities as a student in this Unit in the first folder next to the Unit Guide of the Resources area in the CloudDeakin unit site.

Assessment Feedback

  • Results will be released as per the T1 University calendar.
  • Written feedback is not provided on exams.
  • Students can make an online appointment to get feedback on their exam following the final results release for T1 2023
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