Mission Statement of Uber

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Introduction to Management


The business environment can be defined as the setting that encompasses external factors and internal factors that work together and have an impact on a business. The key external elements include political aspects like laws, and regulations, social elements like social movement and environmental movement, technological environment and innovation, economic setting, etc. The internal factors include organizational culture, business model, company policy, etc. Based on the business environment, companies set their vision and mission statement that drives them towards their objective. The business concern that has been considered here is “Uber Technologies Inc.” which provides car transportation service to its customers (Foos et al. 2017). Its mission statement has been assessed to understand its relevance and effectiveness in the prevalent environment. Details from several publications and journal articles have been used to analyze its mission statement.

Mission Statement – Uber

The mission statement announces a business concern’s purpose of existence in the business environment. It incorporates the purpose of the entity, its scope of business operations, its offerings in the market, the primary target audience, and its region of operations. This tool is used by firms to communicate the exact reason for their existence. Majority of the organizations use it as an opportunity to define their goals, culture, ethics, etc.

Uber uses a simple and effective mission statement that reads “Transportation as reliable as running water, everywhere for everyone.” The simple statement highlights the fact that the business intends to offer transportation services to its customers so that their traveling experience can get simplified and easy (Uber.com, 2017). The message also hints that the service would be provided to all customers irrespective of their location of existence. The language used by the business helps it keep a broad statement (Hamilton & Webster, 2015). It does not highlight the kind of offering it would make for its target audience but it just showcases the area that it would function in. Thus its overall business intention is to create new and innovative possibilities for riders, drivers, and cities (Posen, 2015).

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Uber’s Business Objective

Uber uses its business model to connect people across borders, cultures, and languages. Its underlying business objective is to connect with the target audience that needs a reliable ride and also offers employment opportunities to people that can drive cars to earn their living. It uses the most innovative technology in its business so that the audience experiences a hassle-free experience while using its service. Its team works collaboratively to create opportunities for millions of people and enhance how people commute between different locations (Wetherly & Otter, 2014). The organization’s mission statement effectively revolves around its customers and their commuting requirements. Uber makes sure to evolve the way the business world changes so that its services can be accessible to one and all in the market.

Operations of Uber

The offering that Uber makes in the current business setting is of high relevance to the public. It intends to be everyone’s driver that can take them to different places at a reasonable rate. According to the journal paper by David Sobczak titled “Taxis versus Uber”, even though the business has only existed for a short period, it has been a source of inspiration for a large number of imitators like Lyft, Taxify, and Wingz. Uber makes sure to focus on several elements of its business mission such as reliability, customer support, service style, customer support, etc.

The customers of Uber can easily have access to the on-demand private driver and can use the necessary ride at any time by simply using the Uber application on their Android smartphone or iPhone (Uber. com,2017). The business focuses on the class and comfort aspects of the customers and ensures that its broad mission statement gives due significance to customers and their transportation preferences (Wetherly & Otter, 2014). The drivers that are appointed by the business concern put in additional effort to make the riders experience convenient and special service. The scope of the business operations of Uber ensures that its reach spreads across different regions all around the globe.

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Alignment of business strategy and mission statement

Uber can surely be named as one of the few business concerns that have very carefully aligned its business strategy with its mission statement. The transportation service provider takes note of the needs of the customers and employees. The safety concerns, helpful attitude of drivers, driver’s pay, etc have been effectively designed by the business so that the ultimate purpose and objective of the business can be fulfilled in the best possible manner. The mission statement of Uber highlights its user-friendly transportation service and its easy accessibility in the market. The vastness of this communication statement gives the business the freedom to mold its service as per the needs and requirements of the riders (Hamilton & Webster, 2015).

To strengthen its presence, it has incorporated a slide digital presence so that customers can get a ride just by the tap of a button. Customers also have different options to make payments to the drivers including cash, and cards. The business makes sure that the users of the service have a say in the business. Thus it has included a feedback model that allows the customers to rate the drivers and provide and give anonymous feedback about their respective trips. The business effectively covers all these functional aspects since it has thoroughly aligned its business objective with its mission statement.

Uber’s Impact on Market

Since in a short period, Uber has effectively carved a solid reputation for itself, it has influenced the concerned service industry. Uber is a technology corporation that believes in simply connecting people. This open and wide objective allows the business concern to focus on the riders that wish to travel from one point to another and the drivers that can use their driving capability to drive the customers (Hamilton & Webster, 2015).

The business makes sure to maintain a healthy relationship with its driver-partners so that the most suitable individuals are selected by the business concern to offer the ultimate service to the end user. Thus the business makes sure to incorporate all the stakeholders in its mission statement so that a solid bond is established in the business environment and the best quality service is provided to the riders.

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The mission statement of any business undertaking acts as a vital communication tool that highlights the ultimate purpose of the entity. Uber strongly follows its mission statement so that the quality of its transportation service can be upgraded in time. It ensures that all of its key stakeholders are involved in the business model so that the requirements and needs of all the participants can be taken into consideration by the business undertaking. Several sources have been used to evaluate the mission statement of Uber in the current competitive business environment. Even though the business setting is filled with uncertainty and risks, the business continues to offer quality service to its customers because it keeps on upgrading its business strategic model based on the changing business environment.


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