MKT 2012 – Public Relations Management and Practice

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The Assessment Task
This assignment is made up on two parts. You are required to answer the one compulsory question from
Section A and choose one question from the three questions in Section B.
Please note that the Section A is worth 65 marks and has a maximum word count of 1300 words and
Section B is worth 35 marks and as a maximum word count of 700 words. You should answer two questions
in total.

This is an “open-book” examination which means you can use books, slides and electronic resources etc.
Answer papers should be professionally presented.

Section A Answer this one compulsory question on this organisation
Founded in 2018 Misskick are “the football brand and community for her”
( They were created “when former footballer Grace
Vella realised that kit, culture, confidence and credibility were lacking in female sport.” ​
With the Women’s Euro football championship taking place in England in July 2022, MissKick want to
create a Public Relations campaign that can be enacted quickly, to take advantage of the additional
coverage that women’s and girl’s football will receive.
They primarily want to extend the knowledge of their brand as far as possible with their key customers
(women and girls (and their parents)) who play football, based in the UK.
They are open to the tactics and approaches you recommend but want to know how you would describe
and define their audience/publics.
While sales of product are their main aim, they also want to promote their ambassador programme and
their charitable foundation.

Create a Public Relations plan of how they should approach this.
Your plan should have all four stages based on the Cutlip framework. The situational analysis should be
based on a SWOT only. Also include a justified timetable and schedule for your proposed PR activities
and make connections and comparisons between key underlying concepts and principles within public
relations. Please state any assumptions that you have made. (65 marks)
Background Information
Grace Vella Founder 7 CEO Linkedin profile
“Arsenal and Republic of Ireland star Katie McCabe signs with women’s football brand Miss Kick
as first big-name ambassador to join up”Katie McCabe (Arsenal website)

Section B – Answer ONE out of three questions
1. Tesco have recently been in the news due the petition “Tesco Stop The Replacement of
People by Machines”.
As a PR consultant, they want you to provide a brief report about the steps that they should take to
diffuse the situation and minimise the damage to their reputation. (35 marks)
2. You are working as a newly appointed Public Relations manager for a medium sized, UK IT business.
They have previously concentrated on traditional advertising and sales promotion approach for their
business development.
You have been tasked with writing a blog article for the company’s intranet (internal website) to
explain to the marketing team why Public Relations needs to be introduced and used alongside their
current approaches.
Include how public relations can be used alongside the other marketing communication tools and
provide justification for why public relations is different from advertising. Use examples to support
your points. (35 marks)
3. You work for a Digital Public Relations agency. You have recently been engaged by a new client
because they have experienced a declining return on their traditional media relations activities.
Their Marketing Manager is unclear why their traditional media relations are no longer effective.
Write a short report to explain about digital disruption in this area, include a short list of Public
Relations activities that they should adopt to better engage with journalists. (35 marks)

General Guidance:
The format of Section A is a business proposal This may include headings/paragraphs and use of “white
space” and/ or diagrams etc if appropriate. Academic content should be presented by way of in-text
citations – such as Kotler et al (2017) or Dibb (2009) but a formal Harvard style reference page is not
Citations are not required for Section B

The answers should be word processed, professionally presented and suitable for an academic marketing

Word Limits
The maximum total word count is 2000 words (1300+700). Diagrams and charts, etc can be used and will
not be included within the maximum word count for each question. However, it is important that you pull
and discuss the main points in the body of the text.

In accordance with the Assessment and Feedback Policy, as stated in section 4.40 where a submission
exceeds the stipulated word limit by more than 10%, the submission will only be marked up to and
including the additional 10%. Anything over this will not be included in the final grade for the assessment
item. Abstracts, bibliographies, reference lists, appendices and footnotes are not required for this
assessment. However key data, such as from reports or Mintel, should have a source provided.


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