MKT2012 – AS1 “Product Launch” Campaign

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Health and Safety

The Assignment Task
This is an individual assignment which will provide the background and focus for the development of an effective Public Relations campaign with reference to theory and strategy in the context of developing Public Relations Management and Practice. Attention should be given to public relations tactics and techniques rather than advertising practices. You are to take the role of Public Relations Consultant to the organisation and prepare and devise an innovative Public Relations Campaign within the context of the client’s sector or business, explaining the rationale behind the strategy of your campaign.
Appropriate public relations tactics and media tools should be identified in relation to your chosen company’s target market and sector. Reports which focus on advertising instead of public relations will not meet the learning outcomes for this assessment and cannot pass. Your report will be graded according to understanding shown of public relations. You should conduct secondary research on the client by active academic enquiry as well as  upporting your report with market research evidence of the current behaviour of your target market which your campaign will seek to change (e.g. evidence from Mintel or Keynote reports). In order to gain higher marks, you must refer to academic sources of information such as textbooks and journals rather than unreliable websites (e.g. PR agencies).
The mental health charity Sport In Mind ( want to run a campaign to increase donations from Major Donors. This target group include ‘High Net Worth Individuals’, who have large personal
wealth. To a lesser extent it also includes individuals who are regularly active as fundraisers. Sport In Mind consider a Major Donor to be someone who gifts £1000.00 or above in one single donation. A wider marketing campaign will also be underway, this will last for 6 months and include radio and magazine advertising, direct mail campaigns to existing regular giving donors (i.e. those donating in the region of £10 – £20 per month) and online advertising, including Google Adwords. Sport in Mind require a Public Relations campaign to complement the wider marketing campaign, but the Public Relations element must be targeted at Major Donors. They are aiming to raise £750,000 for the entire campaign, of which they want to raise £250,000 from Major Donors. They are flexible about when both campaigns run and are expecting you to advise when this should be.They are also open to the possibility of the Public Relations campaign running in advance of the main campaign if you feel that would create best results. They are open to you suggesting an appropriate budget but need to understand the ratios you are working to.

General Guidance
The assignment should be in report format, addressed to the Chief Executive Officer. You should refer to Learning Development or Northampton Skills Hub to understanding the correct report format to use, including the use of sub-headings, and an executive summary and conclusion.

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