MKT4132 Product Management Strategies (Assessment II)

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Assessment II (Individual Assignment)

Overview of Individual Assignment

Description of Coursework

Individual assignment (40%) Best practice report.

You are required to write a piece of critique regarding latest development in product management strategies. You will work individually to further explore module related topics that are of interest to you personally, e.g. a critical evaluation of the product portfolio management strategies of a particular company. There are a multitude of topics that can be explored but the goal of the assignment is for you to work on something that will personally add value to your careers or add intriguing insights that may help them in the future.

MKT4132 Product Management Strategies (Assessment II)

Word count 1,500 words

Audience and role of author

Academic style and presentation.

Learning outcomes This will address Learning outcomes 1, 3, 5

Format The format will be addressed in class. The front cover must clearly state

  • your name
  • student number;
  • module title and number;
  • seminar tutor, time and day of seminar;
  • word count

Advanced Financial Planning (DFP8_AS_v2A2)

You must use font size 12 and double-line spaced for the body of the text.

References Harvard Referencing style

Assessment Criteria See section 5.5.2

Suggested Resources

Please use a range of academic sources, including but not limited to the required/recommend reading/journals for this module.

Submission Details

You need to submit 2 copies of your work – electronically and hard copy (you should enclose the Turnitin report)

Copy of the “written assessment criteria” must be submitted with your report.

Assessment 2 MKT 4131

A receipt form available from the student office must be attached to your coursework.

Students must retain a copy of their coursework. The marked copy will not normally be returned, so retention of a copy is important so that you can relate feedback to your work.

Any submission after the due date date will NOT be graded. For any extenuating circumstances and extensions please contact the student office.

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