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Identifying Themes and Concerns to Support Strategic

Students must research Volkswagen Australia. Students are to write an Integrated CRM Strategy Plan in Report Format.

Students are strictly forbidden to contact either the organisation or any of its employees for the purpose of this assignment, whether formally or informally. Furthermore, no student should be employed by the organisation selected in a management role. Based strictly on secondary information ranging from websites, press releases and industry publications among other sources, students should describe the CRM approaches used by the selected organisation and compare it to competitors and other relevant companies.

The sections of the report should include: Please refer to the rubric for the assessment breakdown.

Title Page
Table of Contents

Introduction Purpose of report

Structure of the report

Company Overview General information about the company. Recent customer relationship initiatives or issues.

Conceptual background

Use Customer Relationship theory to demonstrate the importance of customer relationship management and applications of CRM. Discuss two relevant theory models.


Use the two relevant theory models in the ‘conceptual background’ and evaluate them to the company. Use company information, theory from the text book and journal articles, industry information.


Present the company the CRM related information you have found. Present your findings using the
relevant information within the ‘analysis’ section.


Make recommendations for improvement to the company.


Sum up the document.

Harvard Referencing, Writing Style and Formatting

Excellent range of sources. Many high-quality sources (e.g. over 5 of theory & industry). Sources consistently well used to support ideas with excellent use of paraphrasing & citations. Presents references consistently and clearly.

Vocabulary and syntax are consistently appropriate for a professional document. Explanations are very clear and there are no noticeable grammar or spelling errors. Clear evidence of good editing to produce succinct and clear information. Within the word limit.

Professional, clearly and consistently presented, appropriate for business. Effective heading and font style and well-spaced content. Very effective use of bullet points, tables, diagrams and images. LaTrobe Business School Department of Management and Marketing College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce

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