MKTM028 Strategic Marketing

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Assignment One MKTM028: PESTEL Analysis


Assessment Task

You must choose one of the two case studies within this assignment brief. Either the ‘Drones’ or ‘Pollution Eating Bikes’ (see cases below).

The company you choose is considering coming to a country of your choice and setting up business. You have been engaged as a management consultant to help advise on this strategic move. As part of your work you are to undertake an analysis of the “external environment” of the country of your choice with regards to the attractiveness of that country to the company. You must choose a country that appears favourable to either the drones, or bike, company (your choice).

Cheapest Assignment - MKTM028 Strategic Marketing

Your task within this assignment is to undertake an analysis of any THREE (and only three) components of PESTEL. It is your choice which three elements you investigate.

Business Skills for E-Commerce

Your submission must address the following:

By reference to academic literature and secondary data sources review the complete PESTEL as a strategic marketing tool. Then with reference to secondary data analyse and evaluate the three components, making management recommendations concerning the market attractiveness to support the company’s decision to enter the market of your choice. Your data must be made relevant to the company and country.

You are required to produce a business report that demonstrates your understanding of key aspects of PESTEL analysis. The report should be of relevance to the organisation and be of interest to the Chief Executive (or equivalent). The advice, based on the PESTEL analysis, will be an important contributor in the decision to enter your chosen market.

Object Modelling Assessment

The report should have:

  • an effective Executive Summary
  • a sound theoretical and conceptual perspective of PESTEL, containing evidence of critical debate with reference to appropriate academic literature
  • sound examination of PESTEL factors that the company will need to consider
  • an effective practical foundation, which makes management recommendations.

You MUST NOT contact the company or its employees or agents at all.

Presentation of PESTEL data in Tables will NOT count within the word count. The Executive Summary, Titles and Reference list also do NOT count within the word count.

Supplementary and Support Information can be viewed in this video. The information in this video forms an integral part of this assignment brief and is treated as such in assessment, grading and feedback: 2360gkwb (10mins), plus supplementary information upplementary+Info/1_t8rdgs7a (3mins).

Assessment Submission

You must submit your work to the ‘Submit your work’ area of the Module NILE site. It is important that you submit your work to the correct module NILE site, and that your work is submitted on time by 23.59h (UK local time) of the submission date.

You must submit BOTH a pdf version and a word doc version to the correct submission points on NILE. Failure to do so will be penalised by reduction of the grade by 10%.

The work will be submitted in business report format and should be 2000 words, +/- 10% (excluding Executive Summary, Contents page, titles and references list). University policy regarding the presentation of references must be followed. Word limits will be inline with Assessment and Feedback policy, which states that where the submission exceeds the stipulated word limit by more than 10%, the submission will only be marked up to and including the additional 10%. Anything over this will not be included in the final grade for the assessment. Abstract, Executive Summary, Bibliography, Reference list, Appendices and Footnotes are excluded from any word limit requirements.

ACC4200 Dissertation for MSc Financial Management

Where a submission is notably under the word limit, the full submission will be marked on the extent to which the requirements of the assessment have been met.

If you have a problem with submitting to NILE email both versions to your local tutor immediately, and certainly before the submission deadline.

Academic Practice

This is an individual assignment. The University of Northampton policy will apply in all cases of copying, plagiarism, academic misrepresentation, or any other methods by which students have obtained (or attempted to obtain) an unfair advantage. Support and guidance on assessments and academic integrity can be found from the following resources:


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