MMK266 Consumer Behaviour: T1 2023

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Digital and Social Media Marketing

Assessment Task 1: Interview Analysis (Individual)

As outlined in the Assignment Creative Brief, the purpose of Assignment 1 is to conduct an interview
analysis so you can better understand how the target market perceives the client’s product. In
Assignment 2, you will use these findings to develop a 30-second TV advertisement aimed at selling the
client’s product to this target market.
Specific Requirements
You will use means-ends analysis to analyse the four interview transcripts available on CloudDeakin.
Guidance on how to conduct a means-ends analysis is available via the:
• Means-ends analysis guide
• Week 2 seminar
Once you have completed your means-ends analysis, you will need to write up your analysis in the form of a
PowerPoint presentation. Treat these slides as if you were preparing them to present your findings to the
client. The components you will need to include in your PowerPoint presentation are outlined in the
Assignment 1 marking guidance below.
• Content that exceeds the 20 PowerPoint slide limit will not be marked.
• The 20 PowerPoint slide limit includes the hierarchical value map.

Learning Outcomes
This task allows you to demonstrate your achievement towards the Unit Learning Outcomes (ULOs) which
have been aligned to the Deakin Graduate Learning Outcomes (GLOs). Deakin GLOs describe the knowledge
and capabilities graduates acquire and can demonstrate on completion of their course. This assessment task
is an important tool in determining your achievement of the ULOs. If you do not demonstrate achievement
of the ULOs you will not be successful in this unit. You are advised to familiarise yourself with these ULOs
and GLOs as they will inform you on what you are expected to demonstrate for successful completion of this
The learning outcomes that are aligned to this assessment task are:
Unit Learning Outcomes (ULOs) Graduate Learning
Outcomes (GLOs)
ULO 1 Describe and analyse how individuals act, think, and feel across diverse
consumer contexts




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