MN2110 – Operations Management

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ASS058-3 Assessment Guidance Template

Module Leader: Meng Jia

Assessment Type: Individual Assessment

Weighting: 100%

Deadline: 27th April at 15:00 via Turnitin on Blackboard

Wordcount: 3000 words (+/-10%) excluding references, charts, diagrams, etc.

Academic Year: 2022-2023

Assignment Brief

Assignment topic:
Global Supply Chains in a Post-Pandemic World: Semiconductor Shortage and Approaches to Recover

Assignment questions
Geopolitical factors such as the trade war between China and US, COVID restrictions, and demand side factors such as exponentially increased demand for work-from-home technology since early 2020, have exposed vulnerabilities of supply chains that heavily relies on the supply of semiconductors (e.g. consumer electronics and auto manufacturing supply chain). For example, production and sales in auto industry has been held up and is expected to suffer until 2024 (J.P.Morgan, 2022).

Write a 3000 word report analysing:

  1. The factors related to the semiconductor shortage in the electronics industry in
    a. the Pandemic
    b. the current status of the semiconductor manufacturing;
  2. Approaches semiconductor manufacturers can use to increase their capacity, and reduce constraints and bottlenecks faced by the manufacturers in the short-term and long-term.

Further Guidance

  • You can choose to focus on one of the most impacted industries, e.g. auto, electronics and consumer electronics, etc. of the semiconductor shortage. Feel free to ask questions if you want during the seminars.
  • This report is to be written in a business report structure with the tables, figures and diagrams embedded in the text.
  • Please title, number and refer to, in the text, all figures tables and diagrams.
  • Please indicate the source of all figures, tables and diagrams. If it is one you have developed yourself please state “developed by author” and if you have adapted also state e.g. adapted from….
  • All summaries, introductions, appendixes are included in the word count. The reference section is not included in the word count.

Suggested Report Structure

1. Summary section then introduction to the industry you choose to focus on.

300 words 10% marks

2. Identify and analyse factors related to the Pandemic that caused the semiconductor shortage and the current status of the semiconductor manufacturing. Drawing on reports from authentic sources such as Financial Times, Harvard Business Review, J.P.Morgan, etc and some of the supply chain management frameworks that were studied in the module (e.g. bullwhip effect, supply chain vulnerabilities, etc.).

1200 words + tables or diagrams as appropriate 40% marks

3. Discuss approaches the semiconductor manufacturers could use to improve their capacity to address the shortage in the short- and long-term, and assess the constraints and bottlenecks they are likely to face drawing on contents that were studied in the module (e.g. capacity management, supply chain management, etc.).

1200 words + tables or diagrams as appropriate 40% marks

4. Propose suggestions you would give the semiconductor manufacturers regarding how they could address this issue.

300 words 10% marks

Use of appendices

You are advised to be cautious when including appendices in this assignment as they will be included in the word count.

• Appendices should add value or detail to the discussion and analysis undertaken in the main body of the assignment.

• Assignments that make excessive use of appendices suggest inappropriate use. As a guide, we would not normally expect appendices to exceed one third of the length of the assignment.

Appendices should always be referenced at the appropriate point within the discussion in the main body of the text.

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