MNG00912 Assessment 2 – Essay Tips

Posted on September 10, 2022 by Cheapest Assignment

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Just a few tips in regards to your essay:


  • The 'hotel' can be any form of tourist accommodation such as a hotel, motel, resort, ecolodge etc.
  • If you are going to focus on a hotel then please make sure you specify its star rating and also its size (number of rooms).
  • Clearly a 5 star 2000 room hotel is going to have different requirements, and the guests will have different expectations, than a 3 star small hotel of 50 rooms.
  • Make sure that you state clearly in your introduction where your tourist accommodation or attraction is located. The location of the facility will be very important in relation to its environmental performance, eg Sydney CBD; Echuca on the Murray River; snowfields of Switzerland etc.


  • You need to 'paint a picture' of the likely social, political economic and ecological context that your facility is located in, in 50 years time.
  • Nobody can of course accurately foresee the future, BUT, you can make intelligent estimations based on the current trends.
  • You can also Google various futurist research that will assist you.
  • Don’t create a totally unbelievable, sci-fi, 'Jetsons' like scenario because the probability of that occurring in 50 years is highly unlikely.
  • So be imaginitive but within a critically informed and disciplined framework.
  • It is highly likely though, that in a 'developed country' such as Australia, the policy environment will be such that there may be legislation operating that requires all new buildings to incorporate 20-30% of their energy from renewable sources, for example.
  • So, create your scenario, but please be able to justify it.
  • Be creative, think idealistically, but temper this with practicality and a dose of realism.
  • The other point I want to make is that the essay needs to cover the built aspects of the building – materials used, design strategies, water saving devices, energy saving or generating devices etc as well as 'soft infrastructure' such as environmental management systems and strategies and plans, approach to staff training, etc., that relate to the environmental performance of the facility.
  • While most people tend to write about some form of tourist accommodation, you could also consider a tourist attraction such as a museum, art gallery, zoo, themepark, botanic garden etc.
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