MOD006059 – Managing Quality in Hospitality, Tourism and Events

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BUS101e Management Assignment 2 – Group-Based Assignment

Module Leader:       Nishi Mishra- Patricio

Weighting:                 50%

Word Limit:              2500 words

This excludes bibliography and other items listed in rule 6.83 of the Academic Regulations.

Assessed Learning Outcomes     1&3


  • This assignment must be completed individually.
  • You must use the Harvard referencing system.
  • Your work must indicate the number of words you have used. Written assignments must not exceed the specified maximum number of words. When a written assignment is marked, the excessive use of words beyond the word limit is reflected in the academic judgement of the piece of work which results in a lower mark being awarded for the piece of work (regulation 6.74).
  • Assignment submissions are to be made anonymously. Do not write your name anywhere on your work.
  • Write your student ID number at the top of every page.
  • Where the assignment comprises more than one task, all tasks must be submitted in a single document.
  • You must number all pages.


  • In order to achieve full marks, you must submit your work before the deadline. Work that is submitted late – if your work is submitted on the same day as the deadline by midnight, your mark will receive a 10% penalty. If you submit your work up to two working days after the published submission deadline – it will be accepted and marked. However, the element of the module’s assessment to which the work contributes will be capped with a maximum mark of 40%.
  • Work cannot be submitted if the period of 2 working days after the deadline has passed (unless there is an approved extension). Failure to submit within the relevant period will mean that you have failed the assessment.
  • Requests for short-term extensions will only be considered in the case of illness or other cause considered valid by the Director of Studies Team. Please contact A request must normally be received and agreed by the Director of Studies Team in writing at least 24 hours prior to the deadline. See rules 6.64-6.73:
  • Exceptional Circumstances: The deadline for submission of mitigation in relation to this assignment is no later than five working days after the submission date of this work. Please contact the Director of Studies Team – See rules 6.112 – 6.141:


This year’s results on the UK’s best and worst hotel chain, were based on the survey by Which? from 2,371 hotel guests over 15 months to October 2021 (Sayid, 2022). The result shows that Britannia Hotels which has 61 branches across the country has been rated Britain’s worst hotel chain for the ninth year in a row (Baker 2022).

Britannia received 49%, two stars in most categories – including cleanliness – and just one star for bathrooms. Also, Britannia was also the chain where guests were most likely to say they’d had a problem. Over half of its guests in the survey carried out by Which? – 51% – said they’d had a problem or issue during their stay. The most common issue was cleanliness (Baker, 2022).

Additionally, Britannia hotels has been on the news that almost £10m was lost by the hotel chain and nearly 1,000 jobs have been cut. It has also been revealed that turnover at Britannia Hotels also fell by more than £80m during its latest financial year, according to newly filed documents at Company House (Robinson, 2022).

Likewise, the chain has received appalling ratings on a review website like Trustpilot with regards to their provision of service quality. Trustpilot rated the hotel chain 1.4/5 in the UK (Trustpilot, 2022).

The following are examples of some of the poor customer reviews on Britannia hotels from Trustpilot.

  • “Without doubt the worst hotel I have ever stayed in hotel smelt of damp fixtures and fittings pulled off the wall. Room covered in long cobwebs. Not being over dramatic cobwebs hanging from the middle of the room to the edge” (Trustpilot,2021).
  • “Having booked our overnight stay and airport parking at the Russ Hill Hotel (Gatwick) nearly a year ago and having received booking confirmation from Britannia Hotels 2 weeks before we travelled, on arriving at the hotel it was CLOSED” (Trustpilot, 2022).


Prepare a report for the Quality Managers of Britannia Hotels. In your report you are expected to identify and describe the concept of quality management. Additionally, you are expected to outline the major issues currently experienced by the organisation and assess the impact of one of the techniques either Balanced Scorecard or Benchmarking could have in terms of delivering consistent and effective quality management. Also, you need to provide applicable recommendations to improve the quality.

Please follow the recommended format for an academic report.

  • Executive Summary
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Main body
  • Recommendations
  • Conclusion
  • Reference’s list
  • Assignments should be correctly referenced using the Harvard system of referencing. Incorrect or insufficient referencing will be penalised.
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