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It is essential to accept that technological progress has had and continues to have a significant impact on developed as well as developing societies. Technology has altered the universe and our daily lives. These progressions have drastically altered how individuals acquire and manage information and other materials. This is because technology has led to the invention of functional tools and resources, which place valuable information at our fingertips (Cereci 10). Further, modern technology has considerably altered how individuals communicate with one another and how we engage more generally, making it more accessible. 


 With the help of the technology revolution, our doing life has become better, more comfortable, and faster. Technological inventions and innovations have concurrently helped advance conventional and modern societies. These inventions and innovations have become necessary for the current society to thrive and evolve and at the same time, help shape certain notions and aspirations among the people. Besides technology having evident benefits in various scopes of life such as work, education, leisure, and justice modern technology also has negative effects on those who use it and eventually on the public at large (Cereci 13). Therefore, this paper aims to not only state and discuss the benefits of the technology revolution on peoples’ lives but the adverse effects as well on modern society. 

Positive Impacts of Modern Technology

Modern technology has been beneficial to individuals and has positively impacted how to solve challenges associated with everyday life. Therefore, making it easier and faster to perform and finish various tasks. While technology has had less-than-desire effects on society as a whole, there are potentially more positive effects on modern society than negative impacts. These benefits have enabled individuals to acquire the tools and resources required to lead an improved life. 

Modern technology has helped create a global village reducing the challenge of distance, especially when it comes to business. For most companies, the geographic location keeps varying significantly, and these businesses need to be conversant with what is happening to ensure continuity in business operations. With the help of modern technology, these businesses have adopted software that enables transfers to other countries despite the location and time. This ensures that critical projects can be worked on nearly around the clock. Modern technology has also helped firms outsource resources and in some instances granted employment opportunities to people in other countries (Graetz and Guy 169). This has helped reduce the unemployment rate in various countries, especially in developing countries. More to that, modern technology together with the invention of the internet has helped improve the marketing strategies adopted. Companies can advertise on social media platforms through sponsored advertisements on Facebook, which may attract more consumers and in the long-term lead to significant profits for the companies.

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Modern technology has led to advanced telecommunication systems, an improvement from the traditional means of communication, such as sending smoked signals and letters. This technology has led to a more effective and faster means of communication ranging from emails, phone calls to messaging applications that allow individuals to stay connected in a globalised universe 24 hours (Naikoo et al. 6). Besides enabling peer-to-peer relations through enhanced methods of sharing information and coordination of activities, modern technology through telecommunications has significantly impacted the labour market, changing how managers and employees interact (Aloisi and De Stefano 63). The technologically improved communication platforms such as emails have helped reduced communication barriers across varying hierarchical levels. Further, modern technology has made it possible for individuals to work from anywhere provided there is the internet. For instance, during the current pandemic, technology has enabled individuals to work from home to minimise interaction in a bid to curb the spread of the virus. This increased flexibility reduces job stress and helps increase job satisfaction. With the help of technology, employees can execute their job duties more manageable and faster. What is more, this technology has helped expand the present tasks that may require additional skills to perform, therefore creating a need that needs to be filled. Technology has helped create more job opportunities.

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Modern technology has helped the supplier who is the teacher, in this case, improve how they deliver their services such as encouraging, evaluating and developing the students to be better individuals in society (Raja and Nagasubramani 33). With modern technology comes the option of learning using a computer while some students still prefer having the instructor stand before them. However, the most significant potential is that modern technology help boosts the productivity of time spent learning. This is because students also have reading materials available on the internet,  and this offers a lot of conveniences (Raja and Nagasubramani 33). Modern technology has also made virtual learning possible where students learn despite their location. For instance, during this pandemic, students have been virtually learning with the help of specific applications such as Zoom reducing contact, which has helped flatten the infection curve. Technology has enabled the Class of 2020 to graduate. It has helped students attain major accomplishments in education. Modern technology helped education adopt email in communication between students and faculty easing communication and ensuring it is effective.

Technology has affected the transport industry causing it to evolve to a faster and more efficient transport system making it possible for an individual to travel from one place to the other in much less time (Damani et al. 265). This is necessitated by the innovation and invention of electric trains and more improved buses and cars. More to that, technology has led to the launch of transport applications such as Uber which has helped ease transportation because with the help of this application one can request the services of a taxi to get them from one location to the other at an affordable rate. Further, modern technology has made transportation safe because when using this application the ride can be monitored by those in charge of the system and in case of anything the information will be shared with relevant authorities to track the ride. Modern technology in transportation is made possible with the help of improved infrastructure. 


Technology has mechanised agriculture, where ancient agricultural practices have gone through drastic changes. Technology has helped shift agriculture from old methods that entailed using animals and manual labour to using more automated and efficient farm machinery and equipment. This has led to the production of more food to feed a more massive amount of people (Damani et al. 267). This makes food more affordable because it costs less to produce. Modern technology has helped widen the market for agricultural products through various e-commerce marketing and trading platforms. In the long run, this helps boost international agricultural trade, especially for developing countries. Mechanisation in agriculture has also helped curb global warming because intensive line stock farming has made it possible to trap methane emissions to help generate heat and electrical energy instead of being released into the atmosphere to cause pollution.

Negative Impacts of Modern Technology

Technology and the internet have led to the invention of online social forums, which are accessible on smart gadgets, making it easier to stay in touch. However, some people are using these forums to promulgate online abuse and harassment, putting at risk individuals’ status as well as affecting their psychological well-being (Kennedy et al.)Recently, online abuse and harassment is now a common characteristic of people on these online forums building a layer of negativity that most people go through as they traverse these forums despite their positive impacts. According to a recent study, modern technology harassment is increasing at an increasing rate, where an individual monitors, threatens, harasses, and at times imitates another individual without their consent through the use of technology.

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Modern technology together with the internet led to the invention and innovation of social media interaction applications such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that helps individual meet new people as well as keep in touch with friends and families. This virtual communication has over the years, replaced face-to-face interactions a phenomenon that has led individuals into social isolation (Naikoo et al. 5). This is because such individuals find it challenging to interact with others in real life. Most of these individuals may lose their ability to read social cues like tone of voice, body language, and facial expressions that accompany a one-on-one conversation. Therefore, individuals have replaced real social bonds with virtual friendships that might offer useful advice or a shoulder to lean on in case things go south. As a result, most individuals have fallen into depression with no one real to talk to.

The internet has become an essential tool for learning. This is because individuals can Google any information needed instead of going to the library. However, involving too much modern technology may affect the student’s quality of education. This is because some of these students misuse the information and end up cheating in their assessments. Plagiarism cases increase instead of the critical and analytical skills of these students cultivated by studying and researching concerning a particular assignment (Raja and Nagasubramani 34). Plagiarism is an offence that may have a student discontinued for a particular subject, and this will significantly impact the student’s future in terms of educational achievements. In other cases, some students instead of using their time to learn using computers might be busy on entertainment platforms or playing games. Learning using modern technology place the students in a position where they can be easily distracted. 

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Recently, mental health has become a common topic of discussion because it is also affected by modern technology. Most individuals spend hours on their gadgets, browsing one tab to the other. Sometimes these individuals have reduced quantity and quality of sleep. This is because the screen light affects the sleep hormone known as melatonin, which not only affects the sleep pattern but one’s general state. Ultimately, this may have some adverse effects on one’s health, and one might end up addicted (Scott et al. 610). Another mental issue that may arise is the chronic smartphone stress caused by one’s continued anticipation for a message or a phone call. Engaging on these platforms may lead one to be virtually attached to an individual. On the other hand, most likely one they have never physically met. One might share with them an ordeal, and they might dismiss it or not give it the attention they feel it deserves. As a result, the individual may develop feelings of rejection that may later develop into depression. It is essential that individuals are aware of the time they spend using technology.


Technology has had a significant impact on human life since it was invented. Technology has helped address ancient as well as modern society making it easier, faster and fun to carry out certain activities. It is challenging to measure the contemporary impact technology has had on society as well as human beings. Still, modern technology has probably had a more positive impact than negative. The positivity by helping business remain in operation despite the location and the time zone. Modern technology has helped improve communication platforms and adopted efficient and effective means of communication. More to that, modern communication has helped boost learning platforms, mechanise agriculture, address the transport gap as well as create employment opportunities within and without a country. However, if misused modern technology can lead to adverse effects that have devastating consequences. Individuals must operate more responsibly when it comes to using modern technology to experience positive impacts. 

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