MRKT20052 Marketing Plan Guideline

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Task Description
Assessment 2 requires students to work individually on Nexba beverages company (from assessment 1) to create a comprehensive strategic marketing plan. This is an individual assessment with a maximum word limit of. Your assessment should be an application of
relevant marketing concepts learnt in the unit. Please upload the assessment through

Any assessment with a ‘Turnitin’ similarity score of more than 25% will be checked by the marker for plagiarism although it may not necessarily mean that you have plagiarised. If there is a substantial similarity score in the ‘Turnitin’ report, your assessment could be forwarded to an appropriate office/authority.
Assessment Criteria Title page, table of contents, executive summary and introduction : –
includes a title page, table of contents and executive summary that are professionally written and organized. The executive summary contains the key points of the whole report in 3-5 paragraphs written in single page. Introduction section should provide background information of the product or service chosen in assessment 1. You can summarize the key information from assessment 1 in the
introduction section. Specifically, you will be assessed on the following aspects: a) Executive summary b) Introduction c) Situation analysis recap.
Discussion of the segmentation, targeting and positioning approach (10 marks): a discussion on the potential customer segments for your product or service and which one(s) you wish to target with good justifications. Also, discuss the desired positioning for the product or service. Develop a clear positioning statement. Specifically, you will be assessed on the following aspects:

a) Problem statement

b) Discussion of potential market segment

c) Discussion of target market and positioning.

Set 3 marketing and 3 financial objectives: provide realistic marketing and financial objectives. Specifically, you will be assessed on the following aspects:
a) Marketing objectives and goals
b) Financial objectives and goals

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