Neurologic system discussion

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Neurologic System Discussion

The central nervous system comprises a series of reflexes that enable humans to respond to various stimuli differently. Apparently, reflexes can be categorized into several types, namely the visceral and somatic reflexes. The visceral reflexes are conducted in the inside organs such as the heart and structures of the gastrointestinal system as they are non-skeletal and muscular responses. On the other hand, somatic reflexes usually appear in conjunction with answers from the unconscious skeletal motor neurons. For instance, somatic reflexes can be further grouped into a stretch reflex-knee jerk-, flexor reflex and cross-extensor reflex. Furthermore, reflexes could be either deep or superficial. The deep tendon reflexes consist of the triceps, bicep, ankle, patellar, jaw jerk, and brachioradialis reflex (Goswami et al., 2017).

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As creatures age, the exact phenomenon that occurs is a decrease in muscle and bone mass while adiposity increases. Moreover, the brain also gradually ages during the process (Isaev et al., 2018). The most epic change usually occurs in memory, where episodic and semantic stored data in the brain slowly fades away. Also, during the ageing process, the brain volume is susceptible to shrinking and, most precisely, the frontal lobe. Due to the increased risk of developing high blood pressure as one ages, blood flow to the brain may be low, meaning a person is predisposed to either stroke or ischaemic brain injury. Ageing brings with it the thinning and degrading of the myelin sheath around the neurons’ fibre that only points out the rate at which receptors respond to stimuli. The white matter in the brain is highly exposed to lesions. However, such losses can be managed through healthy scheduled practices. For example, people should emphasize more exercise activities and prefer a stress-free livelihood. When it comes to nutrition, foods rich in iron and vitamins should be used. Berries apparently serve this purpose more profoundly.

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Stroke being in the top list causes disability in the United States has been enhanced by various modifiable risk factors. Factors such as diabetes, smoking, lack of physical exercise, hypertension, diet, and dyslipidemia can be altered, reducing the risks of developing stroke (Cui, 2019). People should be taught to adjust their lifestyle in general by doing the contrary such as avoiding smoking, eating healthy, and involving themselves in exercises.


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