NSB236 – ASSESSMENT TASK 1: The Deteriorating Patient

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Task description:

For this essay you are required to select ONE (1) case scenario related to the clinical deterioration of a patient:
Option 1: Hypovolemic shock
Option 2: Septic Shock
The assessment tasks requires you to:
1. From the chosen case study identify and discuss two (2) signs or symptoms of clinical deterioration associated
with the pathophysiology of the patients’ presenting problem.
2. Following on from your discussion, and related to the patients deterioration, identify one (1) priority problem associated with the patient’s clinical presentation, and through the application of contemporary research provide a justification as to why the problem is a clinical priority within the case.
3. Discuss two (2) nursing interventions to address the priority problem and how to evaluate the efficacy of these
4. Identify one psychosocial issue derived from the information provided within the case study, and applying a
patient centred approach, discuss the care needs and considerations related to the patient and their family.
References: A minimum of 15 contemporary references no older than 7 years. The reference list is to be presented in accordance to QUT APA requirements and identify eight (8) papers that are considered by the author (you) to be of high importance. These eight (8) papers are to include a three (3) sentence annotation that outlines their significance
(please refer to the example provided within this resource). Indicate these in your list using ** (see example provided below).

What you need to do:

In order to undertake this essay you will need to research the topic using current and relevant peer reviewed literature, in conjunction with reviewing:

 The lecture and tutorial materials associated with the relevant topic.
 Your knowledge and understanding related to:
1. The physiology and pathophysiology of the primary diagnosis and associated clinical data identified within the chosen case study;
2. The physiological assessments relevant to the features within the case study.

This assessment task is an individual assessment item and should be reflective of your own independent work.

Assignment Hints

This assignment requires you to critically consider the signs and symptoms associated with clinical deterioration in relation to the patient’s primary clinical diagnosis, with consideration to:
 The change in health status associated with the primary clinical diagnosis;
 Consider how the patients clinical history may impact on assessment data and core interventions;
 The identified clinical priority which should clearly emerge from your discussion of the patients health history.
 The application of clinical data and research to identify two (2) core interventions and assessments that address the stated clinical priority.
 Demonstrating your clinical reasoning with in the selected case study.
 Demonstrating your understanding and application of evidence based care i.e. the research you have selected to support your discussion and key points regarding clinical interventions and assessment outcomes.

Additional information:
 There MUST be two (2) nursing interventions discussed to address the priority problem.
 Of the two interventions, a MAXIMUM of one (1) intervention can be solely related to a pharmacological agent and/or a collaborative intervention.
 All interventions should consider the nursing role within the provision of the intervention.

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