NSB305 – ASSESSMENT 1 Managing Conflict Resolution

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This document contains:
• Assessment requirements.
• Detailed instructions for completing the task.
• Criterion Reference Assessment (CRA) Rubric that markers use to grade the assessment task.

Task description: Your task is to select and critically discuss key strategies that a beginning registered nurse leader could use to promote team cohesion and conflict resolution.

What you need to do to prepare:

• Actively engage in the face to face all day Workshop.
• Prepare for and engage in the Online Interactive Workbook.
• Read recommended materials in QUT Readings on the Blackboard site before commencing this piece of assessment.
• Read the TASK instructions carefully being sure that you understand all of the key words and directive terms.
• Actively search out key words or directive terms of which you are unfamiliar.

TASK STEPS. How to write your paper.

You are a graduating student of nursing applying for a graduate position at a health care facility in Australia. One of the selection criteria to be completed as part of the application focuses on conflict management within a nursing
context. Complete the selection criteria as instructed below.
Selection Criteria 1.
Using contemporary literature to inform and support your writing, critically discuss 2 strategies a GRN could use to effectively manage intra professional (nurse to nurse) conflict in a clinical environment. The discussion should include justifications of how the selected conflict management strategies are realistic for a GRN and will enable both conflict resolution and team cohesion.

Literature and writing standard requirements:

This paper needs to be:
• Written as an academic paper in 3rd person, with an introduction, body and conclusion.
• This is a contemporary paper, and unless you are referring to a historical event, literature and resources need to be within 7 years of age
• Literature must be of highest possible quality, with peer reviewed research-based material as the preference. Avoid direct quotes.
• Textbooks may be used but to a maximum of 20% of your total reference list.
• Legitimate websites such as the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia may be used.
• Careful use of well-developed paragraphs that logically and clearly address the task steps and marking criteria (CRA) is essential
• There is an expectation of no grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors.
• Correct use of the APA referencing style is required as per CITE WRITE.
• Unreferenced material cannot be accepted as credible or accurate.


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