NURS 3044: Research Methodology

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NURS 3044: Research Methodology

Assignment 2: Review Protocol/strategy

Review Topic: [state the topic that your research question relates to]
Background: The Research Question and its Importance (600 words)

  • State your developed research question including the Population, Intervention, Comparison (if relevant) and Outcomes (PICO) OR Population, Intervention/Issue, Outcomes (PIO). Note: the question must relate to the relevant nursing or midwifery scenario.
  • Describe each element of the research question using the relevant PICO or PIO framework.
  • Articulate the significance of the research question. In other words, provide an explanation using appropriate references as to why this research question is important to different aspects of nursing and/or midwifery practice*

*Different aspects to consider may include: 1) clinical practice; 2) research, 3) education; 4) policy development

Keywords and Combinations (200 words equivalent):

List the keywords relevant to your research question (with the use of truncation, abbreviations and wildcards where appropriate)

Template word count = 475 words

List the key word combinations (using appropriate Boolean operators) you used to search online Health databases for relevant research articles.

Search Strategy:
List the database(s) where you used the key words and their combinations to search for relevant research articles to answer your research question:

Template word count = 475 words

Results- The Peer Reviewed Articles (700 words equivalent – this is a reflection of the effort required)

Note: All chosen articles must be primary research ie: where the authors have identified an issue/problem and collected information/measurements and presented this information. A primary research article is not a: systematic review, integrated review, clinical guideline, editorial or commentary.

List the 4 relevant research articles you found using UniSA Harvard referencing style.


Use the 4 research articles you found to complete one (or more) of the following tables as relevant to your selected articles.

*Please delete irrelevant tables before submission of this assignment.

Template word count = 475 words

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