Nursing Assessment And Justification

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Helping the person to understand the importance of proper diet and proper self-management process 

In the case study, it has been stated that the person is not maintaining proper diets and is not paying adequate attention to medicine-related timing and other factors. By considering the beneficence-related nursing principle, it can be stated that the nurse is required to take all of the steps required for helping the patient. Helping the concerned patient to understand the importance of proper self-management process is an integral part of beneficence and when the person would be well aware of this matter, the interest of the person in managing oneself in an effective manner will be increased and it would bring an improvement to the health condition of the person. It is a fact that 98,000 patients die each year due to improper decision-making (Nibbelink & Brewer, 2018). In this regard, the nurse is required to ensure that proper decisions are being taken for ensuring the adequate safety of the patient. 

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  • Helping the person to take medicines at the right time

Across health care environments, the notion of safety is all about a cluster of concepts (Slemon, Jenkins & Bungay, 2017). Here, the safety of the patient should be prioritized. In the case study, it has been stated that the concerned patient is not taking medicines at the right time. The nurse is required to help the person in taking the medicines at the right time. If the nurse would do the same and would be successful in regard to the development of a proper habit of the person, then the proper treatment-related outcome will be achieved. 

  • Helping the person to maintain proper diets by developing proper diet charts

The concerned person is in the requirement of maintaining proper diet charts. The nurse is required to help the person to understand what kind of diets she should follow. The nurse can consider developing a proper diet chart by considering the needs of the patient. It would improve the health status of the person. 

  • Monitoring the medicine-related outcomes of the patient

The person is taking some effective medicines. As the person is an aged individual, the medicines can cause the person to face some significant side effects. This is the reason why the nurse is required to monitor the health-related outcomes of the patient after taking the medicines. 

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  • Checking the BP and weight of the person in a regular manner 

The patient is gaining weight. It may be an outcome of the deteriorating health condition of the patient. Cheeking the weight of the patient in a regular manner should be an integral part of the nursing process. By checking the weight and BP of the patient, it would be possible for the nurse and the healthcare practitioner to understand the physical wellbeing of the person. 


The concept of emotional intelligence can be regarded as the ability to manage one’s emotions (Raghubi, 2018). Due to age and lonely life, the person can face some emotional awkwardness and the nurse needs to help the person in managing the emotions properly. 

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