Nursing Assessment Task

Posted on August 9, 2022 by Cheapest Assignment

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Accounting Theory and Current Issue

1. Assessment Task 1 Instructions

Assessment Task Video Draft/Plan Instructions

Assessment one is effectively a plan or draft outline.
Look over the instructions for Assessment 2 Рthis assessment is your plan for your video component of assignment 2.
You need to choose a local government area (LGA) to focus on for this semester, as you will build all three assessments around this LGA. If you are unsure how to locate your LGA or find one in Victoria contact your lecturer for assistance.

Consider in your planning:

  • What do you know about your chosen LGA?
  • Is there a health issue that is prevalent in your LGA? (Asthma, heart disease, high statistic of cigarette smokers in the LGA)
  • Are there public health issues within that LGA? Does your LGA have storm water guttering for rainwater runoff? Is the LGA on septic tank systems or is there a sewer system that the local council looks after?
  • Do some preliminary research about your LGA and try to link two determinants of health from the assessment 2 list to your LGA.


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