Nutritional Assessment

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Activity 1

Answer 1

What are the main groups of carbohydrates and what subgroups could they be divided into?

The main group of carbohydrates 

There are two main groups of carbohydrates. The first group of simple carbohydrates is found in refined sugars, white sugar, and other hidden sugar elements (Catalyst, 2013). The second group of carbohydrates is complex carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates or starches include grain products such as rice, crackers, bread, pasta, and various others. 

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The carbohydrate groups can divide into two subgroups. The first subgroup is the grain which consists of food items like noodles, pasta, cereals, bread, and various others. The second group is dairy products such as yoghurt and milk. 

Answer 2

In the diet, most carbohydrates come from milk, grain-like cereal flour, fruit mango, and various others, and vegetables. These food items contain a high portion of carbohydrates that become the reason for sugar, obesity as well as other diseases. 

Answer 3

In the daily intake sheet, there are two main food sources of carbohydrates include; cereal flour, and milk. 

Answer 4

In the meal plan, the main groups of carbohydrate food items are the following; 

Simple carbohydrates: Mixed green salad, Glass of Coca-Cola, and 2 Scoops of honeycomb ice cream. 

Complex carbohydrates: ½ baked chicken breast, 2 baked potatoes, white bread roll with butter, Glass of Coca-Cola, and 2 Scoops of honeycomb ice cream.

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Answer 5

At first, complex carbohydrates consider a more lasting source of energy in comparison to simple carbohydrates and sugar. It is because simple carbohydrate sources take a longer time to digest. Secondly, complex carbohydrates foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are high in dietary fiber for better digestion (Catalyst, 2013). As a result, it is easy to prevent diseases like cancer with complex carbohydrates. Hence, it is important to eat complex carbohydrate foods in comparison to refined carbohydrate and sugar food items.  

Activity 2

Answer 6

Gluten considers the new dietary enemy. Nowadays, millions of people are taking a gluten-free diet to improve their health. It is because Gluten is the main source of diseases like depression, arthritis, and various others (Coelic Australia, 2015). Gluten is the general name for the proteins recognized in wheat, barley, rye, and triticale. Gluten serves as food that maintains its shape and acts as a glue to hold food together. 

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Activity 3

Answer 7

A gluten-Free diet comes up with a wide range of health benefits, especially for someone who is suffering from celiac disease. The most important benefit of the gluten-free diet is that people get an opportunity to deal with their digestive issues like constipation, fatigue, and various others. Another health benefit of the gluten-free diet is that people can reduce chronic inflammation (The Conversation, 2015). As a result, it will be easy to treat the body and heal infections. Gluten-free dies would benefit people who are suffering from celiac disease and want to control their obesity, and weight to live a healthy and better life ahead. 

Answer 8

The foremost disadvantage of a gluten-free diet is that people will not get a balanced diet. A balanced diet is a combination of daily dietary fibre and calcium intake for children and adults. A balanced diet delivers key nutrients like protein, minerals, and vitamins (The Conversation, 2015). With a gluten-free diet, people will not get sufficient vitamins, protein, and calcium to live a healthy life. Children and adults with no celiac disease would get little benefit from this diet. It is because children and adults need high fibre food like bran, bread, and various others which they will not get through gluten-free foods. 

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