Omni-Channel Communication

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MG926 Managing People in Organisations

OmniChannel Communication

Part 1

Omni-channel communication can be described as the singular and integrated communication channel that unifies all communications across different communication channels while giving the customer an optimized experience in each channel used. This channel uses customer interests and perspectives to optimize its marketing messages’ consistency and create a seamless integration of the different communications channels (Aliyev, 2019). The intended result of using Omnichannel is to positively and conveniently increase a customer’s experience throughout all the customers’ life cycles and across all multitudes of platforms.

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Omnichannel communication can be identified with some specific characteristics. One ii uses centralized data with decentralized use. To provide customer consistency, Omnichannel requires data to be stored in a single database with easy accessibility for related business software with customer relationship management as the primary focus. Secondly, its channel allows a company to track its customer’s interactions using marketing email triggers or automated marketing sequences and customer history purchases records. It is also characterized by personalizing and automating customer experience. As Aliyev notes, the Omnichannel engages the customer through customer monitoring and tracking software and allows targeted market automation sequences to score customer preferences without any human input (2019). 

Omnichannel is one of the most effective strategies that provide customers with seamless sales and services experience at any purchase level. The strategy’s approach unifies all messages for a potential customer across all available communication channels, including texts/ chats, emails, mobile phone, in person, or social media (Simone & Sabbadin, 2017).  A customer who uses multiple communication channels is engaged in making a single purchasing decision. The channels approach also involves collecting and sharing data and information between different online platforms and channel sales, allowing businesses to share data while being consistent in interaction across their networks. This widened and breaded the business capability to reach its customer despite the media channel or platform.

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Using Omnichannel has some benefits for an organization. Some of the advantages well known are; one, it saves the company and its employees a lot of time. Centralizing all communication makes it easier for a company to access customer information from different platforms without clicking on one platform after the other(Simone & Sabbadin, 2017). Simultaneously, the channel saves the customers’ time in purchase decision making, thus reducing customers’ wait time. Secondly, it reduces the operational costs of an organization. The Omnichannel allows customer interaction to be handled by a system without human input. Automation of request messages decreases the operation cost simultaneously; it reduces the operating costs associated with customer acquisition. 

Most importantly, Omnichannel helps to improve customer service productivity. An Omnichannel platform enables customer service agents to communicate with customers simultaneously. The most complex conversation is handled by a collaborative team tool while bots handle the simple request. This improves customer service agents efficiency and capability in managing customer requests without reducing customer service quality. With good Omnichannel software, the customer experience in purchasing is rapidly increased. Thus, with a good customer experience, the company is more likely to get referrals from a satisfied customer than when a customer has a bad experience with the services or product (Heuchert et al., 2018). At the same time, maintaining a customer becomes more manageable and efficient for the company. A customer’s good experience helps an organization retain them and attract new clients in the competitive market. 

Assignment 3 ICT710

For Omnichannel communication to be more effective and applicable to any business that intends to incorporate, it has to have tools that enhance its Omnichannel strategy. Such tools include one personalization and dynamic content tool. This tool personalizes shopping experiences onsite through emails that target paid social media ads and creates a personalized solution that analyses the user buying behaviours and browsing, thus helping retailers serve the customers with recommendations and timely offers (Piotrowicz & Cuthbertson, 2019). Secondly, have marketing automation platforms that help retailers’ custom tailor, the customer’s journey in their platform by triggering campaigns and content relevant to them. 

In addition to the above tools, an organization can establish a single customer view platform solution. This helps to unify the online and offline data and give retailers the ability to nurture the customers through browser behaviours, purchase history, and preferences gathered from different platforms. Another tool useful is user journey monitoring and UX measurement tools and tools for integrating social channels with e-commerce websites (Simone & Sabbadin, 2017). All the tools above help Omnichannel communication to be more effective and efficient for any business that implements it.

BHO0202 Assignment 2 Managing Organisational Design and Change

In general, Omnichannel communication is, by far, the most effective marketing strategy that helps achieve a good customer seamless customer experience. If implemented by an organization. Simultaneously, it creates an added advantage for the organization by creating less time dealing with customer requests and messages, retaining and gaining new customers in a more convenient way for the retailers and organizations. 

Part 2

Digital marketing plan

Access to the internet has become a daily part of people’s daily lives. They are more connected to the internet and with more control over the purchasing processes than before. What was once a one or two-step process that lasted for days becomes easier and more convenient using the internet. If customers can freely interact with a brand at any time and anywhere using any platform it creates a wider and broader network market for the company. To develop a unique Omnichannel experiences infrastructure the company needs to work closely with another department in the company in order to develop a strong strategyTo build a strong Omnichannel design we will look at the products, marketing, sales, customer support and customer success. Once the goals and objectives to be achieved are well understood, the planning becomes easy to implement and practice in a business setup. Adopting an Omnichannel marketing strategy in the Camuto Company will create the need to nurture and build outstanding customer relationships with its customers.

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The digital marketing plan will include all the planning for the Camuto Company, a global business that majors in designing, developing and distributing fashion footwear and accessories. The digital marketing plan will be to execute the specific marketing strategies and tactics using Omnichannel communication. The strategy will be to attract, convert and convince customers to fall in love with our products. How the products can reach the customers and in segmenting the various market campaign in every purchasing stage (FIDM, 2014). The marketing plan will involve the following steps:

  • Simulation Analysis

This will involve Carrying out an internal and external analysis of the company. Using a SWOT framework analysis will allow the company to define its strengths, weaknesses and opportunities within the organization and the market at large. Be familiar with the ecosystem the company operates in and its customer’s needs. This analysis is qualitative as it is quantitative by looking at factors such as the customer’s digital habits, intermediaries and influencers. Define the brand by knowing what is unique to the business by creating a unique selling point to give insight into the brand.

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  • Establishing a digital marketing goal

 Once we have a potential marketplace and a strong company analysis, establish goals of what to be achieved. By using a smart goal framework, the company will be able to set measurable, reliable, attainable and timely goals for the marketing plan. Create buyer personas that will help to define the target audience. The buyer personas will act as a fictional representation of the people the company is trying to attract and the customers likely to purchase Camuto group Inc. collecting buyers’ information like location, age, hobbies and interests this will help shape the buyer persona. Creating an individual persona for men, women and children will ensure that the way the different cloth lines are advertised are different in each target market (Smith, 2017)

  • Defining a marketing strategy 

Once the goals for Camaro Company are clear and well defined, creating a marketing strategy for the products will be easy and doable.  Factors to consider will be; one segmenting the target market. Knowing what audience to target, their preferences, needs and how to meet the client’s expectations. Secondly, how to achieve proper positioning in the market. Understand and know how to communicate with the customers in order to achieve a competitive advantage. Lastly, have a content strategy.  Creating, distributing and managing original content that will attract users and reposition the brand products.

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  • Creating and setting a budget for the digital campaign

 Before implementing the strategies put in place, the budget will allow a better distribution of resources to the various channels to be set up. Knowing the available capital and how much each channel will require will ensure that a better digital marketing plan is executed.

  • Implementing the Digital strategies and tactics 

Based on the objectives the different strategies can be implemented. Using social media, Omni channel communication the company can create hundreds of campaigns with just a single click. These tactics will personalize messages based on the customer’s history and preferences. This will greatly increase the chances of success of the company with more interactions with the brands during the purchase cycle. Determining the right channel to reach the customers and consumers will help the company determine who the company will reach and achieve its goals.

MKT4132 Product Management Strategies (Assessment II)

  • Monitoring and analyzing

The process does not stop after the design and implementation of the strategy. Analyzing the results is the most important pillar to the successful optimization of digital marketing. Measuring the results and key performance indicators will help correct the weaknesses of the strategy implemented. Having an effective real-time data visualization system. Identifying opportunities and room for improvements will ensure that all the strategies in place are achieved in the end. Establishing good key performance indicators that will be well defined and quantifiable, communicable throughout the whole organization and applicable to the business. Some of the KPIs will be financial, customer, people and process metrics (Kingsnorth, 2019). 


Creating a digital marketing plan will help Camuto group to fast track in reaching more people and attracting interested people to the company’s brands and products. It will help attain new leads and conversations for the company. A good and well-designed digital marketing plan will successfully take the business on another level and create a competitive advantage for the company’s product in the market. Attracting customers to various digital platforms will help retain and gain customers in all various platforms the company chooses to adopt. Adopting Omnichannel communication as a marketing tool, all the company’s products and conversations will be available in a single platform for both the buyers and retailers to reach and access.   

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The knowledge and impact that the digital platform provides for businesses is a crucial way to ensure that their customers are satisfied with their expectations of the company. I believe in the connection that the companies create with its customer through various digital platforms. Understanding and designing a good and effective digital marketing plan that customers will be able to relate with will ensure to create a competitive advantage for any company that tries to implement and integrate the system into its company’s operations. I was able to understand that a good digital marketing design involves a lot of planning from establishing the designs goals and objectives, creating a suitable budget, implementing the goals and establishing strategies to achieve them to ensure that the design is monitored and kept in check to ensure it is successful

Reflecting on the Omnichannel communication strategy for an organization, I established that it can be an effective and efficient means of advertising and marketing a company’s products and services. Good Omnichannel communication will create a good customer experience in an organization and at the same time reduce the company’s cost-effectiveness. With a good channel, it creates a centralized data storage system where all customers and buyers can access information with ease. I also learnt that customers get the chance to choose what platform to use and despite that, the Omnichannel communication system avails the data and information in a standardized way.

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Expressing all the knowledge gained in this session, it becomes easy to understand the various way a company can widen and broaden its customer experiences. Ensuring that a company’s customer experience is at its maximum, an organization must adopt and implement strategies that ensure business success is guaranteed.


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