Organizational Development | Case Study – The Newspaper Company Sample

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Therapeutic Engagement and Psychosocial Interventions


Organizational Development | Case Study – The Newspaper Company

Answer 1

The key problem in the case identified is that organization is finding it very difficult to implement the new technology even after the organization wants to do so. Kotter’s change model consists of 8 steps Create, Build, Form, Enlist, Enable, Generate, Sustain and Institute (George, 2015). The need for change becomes necessary when a new organization came into the market with more advanced technology and arrangements. The newspaper organization now needs to understand the urgency of change in the organization and make their team understand the necessity and benefits of change. Newspaper organizations, then have to form the goals, vision and mission of the change of the organization and communicate those goals and vision to the employees and motivate employees for using and learning new technology to remove barriers. The organization should also arrange the proper training for the employees to learn new technology and system.  The changes should be implemented at the short level and when the organization feels the results, new technology should be implemented at an advanced level.

Research Appreciation and Methodology

Answer 2

For managing the behaviour, dynamics, culture and change, it is important to communicate these effectively with the staff and motivate them to follow these criteria by making them understand the benefits of doing so in the market. For making these convenient, proper training should be provided to the employees so that they can understand the culture of the organization more clearly (Hornstein, 2015). A periodical assessment should also be performed about whether the staff can easily follow these criteria or not.

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