PDE4911 Individual Coursework Assignment

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Nursing Assignment Sample 1

PDE4911 – Individual Coursework:
‘How PRINCE2 comprehensively tackles project risks’ Write an essay of 3000 words (+/- 300 words) maximum.
The topic of the essay is as follows: How PRINCE2 comprehensively tackles project risks. Within your essay, you should discuss the relevant components of PRINCE2 that contribute to addressing risk. You should think more
holistically than just considering PRINCE2  risk management! See the marking criteria below. You can assume that the PRINCE2 method is understood: you do not have to explain the details of the PRINCE2 method. The focus should be on considering how the components of the PRINCE2 method tackle identifying and controlling risk.
You should provide a minimum of 12 references. Submit the essay as a MS Word or a pdf file to the dedicated Turnitin submission point for the individual coursework in the PDE4911 section within MyUniHub’s My Learning. You can of course submit earlier. Resubmission is allowed until the deadline. This coursework is worth 20% of the total module marks. References Harvard Style referencing is required. Use Cite Them Right via ‘Referencing’
on MyUniHub. Assessed learning outcome (s) Learning Outcomes Knowledge On completion of this module the successful student will: 1. possess a critical understanding of the principles of project management; 2. have knowledge of several different project management approaches and methods; 3. understand the concepts of organizational structures, project roles and responsibilities, risk management, quality management and value
management; 4. demonstrate an awareness of the lessons learned for project management from several project case studies. Skills This module will call for the successful student to: 5. critically evaluate the principles of project management, including their strengths and limitations; 6. implement a project method-based approach to plan and manage a project 7. prepare and evaluate project work, durations, costs and schedules through both activity-based and product-based planning approaches. This coursework assesses the Learning Outcomes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

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