Permissible Uses of Marijuana

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Marijuana use has been a controversial topic in the federal laws and those of the states where it is classified as a schedule 1 drug. According to federal laws, marijuana cannabis is categorized as a schedule one drug under the Controlled Substance Act. Under federal laws, cannabis is deemed to be dangerous with a high probability of abuse. The majority of the federal laws are conflicting with those of the state where cannabis has been cleared for medical purposes or recreational purposes. The conflict between the two aspects of federal and state laws on marijuana has contributed to a debate where individuals have started a form of re-assessment on the local usage of cannabis but for medical use and “recreational purpose.” Some of the states in the United States have fully legalized the usage of marijuana either for medical purposes or that of recreational purposes (McAfee, 2016). Some states and individuals have been comparing the effects of marijuana with those of other forms of drugs like tobacco and alcohol effects on the quality and standards of life

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  Medical and recreational use has been legalized in most states, but some have only legalized the medicinal uses of marijuana. In this presentation, my perspective lies in the benefits of cannabis, either in medical use or recreational use, given the plight of the day (Smith, 2020). The multiple studies conducted have proved the effects of cannabis are far better and can be controlled if the required and necessary structures are put in place. Pieces to support the idea of marijuana re-assessment and legalization for various uses will be supported by court cases and committee conclusions on the legality and legalization effects on human life in the medical aspects, among other spheres of life (Bromberg, 2020). In various states, the legalization of marijuana has led to an increase in the demand for cannabis, painting a picture of how individuals may wish to use it either for medical purposes or recreational purposes. In other aspects, the usage of cannabis can be profitable to the state and federal government if taxes were imposed on legalized cannabis use; hence, becoming a source of income to the state.

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Permissible uses of marijuana

 There are various reasons why marijuana should be permissible because it has a beneficial effect on humans and society at large. From further research and studies conducted, areas, where the use of marijuana is legal, have been reported to be happier compared to the abstainers. It has also been reported that individuals legally using marijuana are more financially successful than abstainers (Wall, 2016). Their happiness has been contributed by the relaxation effect from the cannabis smoke leading to creativity and mental development of ideas leading to growth. States such as California have been developing due to such ideas brought about by the use of cannabis hence being one of the reasons why its use should be permissible.  

Dozens of research have indicated that individuals who use cannabis are harmless, and they do not get involved in thinking that they end up in a negative reality. It has been stated that it is more helpful as an anti-psychotic since the majority of the psychotic patients in the reduction of the psychotic effects hence being another reason why some of the uses of cannabis should be permissible (Smith, 2020). In areas of residence where marijuana is legal, research indicates that after smoking cannabis, the majority of the individuals are quiet and concentrate on other issues apart from crime and violence. The number of cases reported in such areas is less compared to other areas where the use of marijuana have not been legalized. Individuals who are high on marijuana have been reported to be so human that they take responsibility for their fellows; hence the reason why the user should be permissible.

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 The CDC has conducted research and concluded that individuals who use marijuana were very peaceful. From the medical perspective, the THC from marijuana has been completed to decrease aggressive and violent behaviour (Bromberg, 2020). It would be therefore advantageous to allow its uses since the THC in it will serve the purpose of reducing the aggressiveness and the extent of violence in society. 

Research and studies have been conducted to assess the extent to which marijuana can be used for medical purposes. The majority of the states in the United States have legalized cannabis use for medicinal purposes. Hence, the legalization has been a revolution in other countries, which might hold the same view concerning the use of marijuana. The drug is associated with a wide range of medical use, like the slowing or stoppage of cancer cells from spreading. Studies have indicated that cannabis can be used to control and slow the development of cancer cells (Wall, 2016)

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Research from the use of cannabis on patients under the use of cannabis has proved to be effective since the patients’ pain levels reduced significantly, hence becoming one of the best pain management drugs. Cannabinoids are the part of marijuana that functions as a pain reliever since it alters the brain’s perception and receptors, hence helping in the control and management of pain. Cannabis can be used in the primary management of chronic pains like arthritis, migraine, and fibromyalgia. In cancer patients, it is used to manage pain and loss of appetite at the same time.

Reducing inflammation and the control of neurological and mental disorders are also some of the medical advantages associated with marijuana, where conditions such as anxiety, Parkinson’s disease, and post-traumatic stress disorders are also handled by the use of cannabis (Smith, 2020). From the studies done, after several puffs of cannabis, there are instances of relaxation which help one in the management of stressful situations, which may lead to the development of disorders that are part of the medical usage of cannabis. The effect of relaxation and stress management helps in sleep management (McAfee, 2016). The majority of the patients in hospitals and other healthcare facilities may be having the challenge of sleep management. Still, from the usage of cannabis, one can be able to relax and enjoy a sound sleep since marijuana has been associated with mental relaxation, hence pain management, sleep management, and the relaxation effects essential to the patients.

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The above reasons explain some of the medical reasons that support the topic of the dangers of marijuana and the benefits associated with marijuana and which should be given a chance in society. Human rights should be upheld in any society considering society’s three aspects: social, political, and economic factors. The usage and legalization of cannabis in a specific society have various effects on society’s three elements (Wall, 2016). Socially, smoking cannabis has been used in some states as a recreational leisure activity but has various effects and results depending on individual characteristics. People react differently to different drugs. Socially, it should be the right of any individual to act responsibly and be liable for their acts either on the effect of alcohol or marijuana. The feeling of alcohol use should be treated equally with that of marijuana, hence supporting a fair and equal society since an individual’s tastes are different.

Economically, marijuana legalization would lead to the development of the economy. Research and studies conducted in the states that have already legalized marijuana indicate that over 14.20 billion dollars are collected in the form of taxes from the sale of marijuana. It is one of the economic contributors since the demand is high; hence, the sale taxes result in easier economic development. There are challenges associated with the legalization of marijuana economically; it leads to money laundering activities, which have various adverse effects on the economy (Bromberg, 2020). Legalizing marijuana will benefit economically since the economic challenges associated with the legalization can be regulated and controlled.

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  Politically, the legalization may be more damaging compared to the positives involved. In the states where the usage of marijuana has been legalized, there have been reports of gang development and the massive acquisition of arms, leading to criminal activities. Such activities are a threat to the peaceful coexistence in the society, and hence the environment for business activities would be unfriendly, leading to economic challenges. At this point, gangs develop into territorial operatives, which leads to secession, hence the abuse of human rights.

Courts and the general legal process have been used to intervene on marijuana matters and instances where the policy of marijuana have been observed. The U.S Supreme Court has not stipulated marijuana use. There is a need to have a legal interpretation of the term drugs and the categories of legal drugs for a human whose effects can be managed. A case in the Alaska Supreme Court where a suit in Ravin v. State where the Court ordered the criminalization of personal use of marijuana, but for one to be arrested, there must be a compelling government interest (Wall, 2016). It was referred to as the government interfering with privacy issues. Gonzales v. Raich case of 2005, the Supreme Court the uses of Marijuana in California but for medical purposes was upheld. 

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 There have been various reasons why the federal laws have been stringent on the usage of cannabis, some of which includes;  

  • The revenue from the sales of cannabis funding gangs and terrorist groups has been one reason why the federal government has been reluctant to implement and legalization of cannabis. The wide range of markets and the increased demand in the states where its usage is legal, translates to the available market where the money from the sales can be used to fund criminal gangs hence rendering its usage illegal to curb the development of criminal gangs.
  • The sale of cannabis to minors has also been one of the challenges the federal laws have projected to be a problem in the legalization process. There are various ways through which children can access cannabis, even when its usage is illegal. Hence, the impacts can be catastrophic if marijuana usage can be legalized and, thus, the federal government’s delay in the legalization process.
  • The usage of marijuana has moved across the borders of the legalized states to the state where the use is not legalized (McAfee, 2016). It becomes a challenge of controlling the movement of cannabis hence the position and stand of the legalization process. 
  • The issues of violence associated with the use of marijuana often occur in the states where its usage is legalized, and the violence leads to the growth of firearms acquisition that would help either for protection purposes or for the rise of territorial empires, which leads to a lack of peace and instability.
  • The use of marijuana in public amenities and being involved in driving can be disastrous since the use of cannabis has various effects like hallucinations, which are not suitable for individuals who may be driving or being involved in public related activities; hence the judgment must be very high and sober to reduce the instances of accidents especially in the roads, therefore, the stand of the federal government on the Marijuana laws and policies.

In conclusion, some marijuana use should be made permissible to humans, as discussed above since they have various positive effects on humans. In the medical field, there are benefits such as pain-relieving, and the treatment of cancerous cells are some of the medical benefits of cannabis. Relaxation and less aggressive and violent are other categories of services which should be realized one cannabis use have been made permissible. Humans should be allowed to decide on what is best for their bodies. Hence, the use of cannabis should be a responsible decision that one should make to enjoy the benefits stated and explained above on reasons why some of the cannabis use should be permissible. 

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