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MMM240 – Organisational Behaviour

My 3 main aims are:

1. Achieved a Distinction or Merit grade for all subject
2. Improved literature, numeracy and team working skills
3. Professional improvement
Actions to be taken to achieve your aims
Target date

Aim 1: Submit all assignment on time
The end of the year

Aim 2: Participate in class to gate more understanding for all subject The end of the year

Aim 3: finis my studying in better result this can help me develop my professional life in better way The end of the

(Question 1) Assesses how you have used your action plan to develop yourself over the course. Consider all aspects of your plan, e.g. your overall aims, the actions themselves, your timescales.

An evaluation over your whole programMe requires you to make judgements about how well or otherwise you have developed. Support your evaluation by using examples from your experiences during the course.

Assess how the action plan has helped support own development over the duration of the programme; Evaluate own development over the duration of the programme.

(Question 2) Choose three different theories that you have learnt over the course (from any unit). Explain how you have put these theories into practice whilst on your work experience placements and whilst working with your clients and colleagues.

Use three examples to examine links between theory and practice.

(Question 3) You need to be familiar with the terms CPD – Continuing Professional Development and PPD –
Personal and Professional Development. You will need to explain these terms and how by developing your self
will benefit your clients and or service users, colleagues and multi-disciplinary staff.

Explain key influences on the personal learning processes of individuals; evaluate how personal learning and
development may benefit others.

Essay 1000 words

Harvard Referencing System and a reference list attached.

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