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Taxation, Theory, Practice & Law Assignment

The rationale behind your Personal Development Portfolio (PDP) is for you to reflect on the importance of talent development in all organizations; and, in particular, how you can contribute to this concept within your own organization. This PDP is divided into two submissions. The first part is due in Week 6, and the final part is due in the final week of the module, Week 8.

To prepare for this PDP assignment:

Reflect on the readings you have encountered in the first 6 weeks of this module.

To complete this PDP assignment:

  • Outline in a narrative of approximately 300-400 words the need for talent development within organizations.
  • Demonstrate how the concept of talent development is relevant to all organizations.
  • Highlight the benefits of applying talent development within all organizations.

Submit the first part of your PDP Assignment.

You will receive feedback from your Instructor to help you improve your work. Please take advantage of this opportunity to learn from your Instructor’s feedback – give the assignment your full effort and ask for clarification on any feedback you do not understand.

The final submission of your PDP will be in Week 8

Learning Resources:

Stewart, J. & Rigg, C. (2011) Learning and talent development. London: CIPD.

Stewart, J., & Rigg, C. (2011). Learning and Talent Development. Copyright 2011 by Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. Reprinted by permission of Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development via the Copyright Clearance Center.

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