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Posted on March 25, 2022 by Cheapest Assignment

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Also, what I learned in this class helped me control my parent’s health, too. I talked to my dad about consuming less salt and sweets since his sister and mother have diabetes and he has a high chance to get diagnosed. As a result, he is using sugar-free sweeteners in his coffee and tea and he cut his daily salt consumption. My grandmother is suffering from hypertension. Unfortunately, she has terrible leg pains and it is very hard for her to exercise. Since she lives with us, and she enjoys the food my mom cooks, we tried to decrease our food salt input so she can enjoy the food and it helps to lower her blood pressure. However, it is beneficial to us to take less salt, too. As a result, her specialists decreased her blood pressure medication dose and she is taking fewer tablets daily.

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Also, I learned if I can fall asleep easily and sleep for long hours, it doesn’t mean that I am healthy, and I would not encounter sleep difficulties in future. I need to watch out for my diet and avoid bad meals at bedtime to prevent future sleep problems. This class taught me how to be careful about all aspects of health. I learned that I need to eat healthily and exercise regularly to be healthy for my whole life and live without diseases. To be honest, when I registered for this class, I never think that I would learn this much of information. Now I can manage my diet and eat healthily and give my body enough nutrients which result in having more energy during the day, managing my time to get enough sleep, and exercising regularly. I would keep giving this information to my customers and family members to improve their health. To have a healthier society, we all need to act and help society as much as we can. Healthier body results in a happier person and a happier society overall.

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