Personal Statement for College

Posted on December 31, 2021 by Cheapest Assignment

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Design and Research – A Workbased Project

Tell us about your career goals and why attending NYIT would further these goals.

Pursuing an undergraduate course at NYIT would be a promising opportunity for addressing my career goals of becoming a promising entrepreneur. My career goals are primarily directed towards accomplishing recognition as an entrepreneur alongside obtaining prolific employment opportunities in marketing especially in the domain of multilevel and network marketing and in the domain of finance. The advantages that I could be able to garner with the help of NYIT in pursuing my career goals are identified in the particular emphasis on the management skills which could be effectively utilized for the management of people. This factor would enable me to acquire favourable employment opportunities in network marketing. Furthermore, my career interests to pursue employment in a finance enterprise could be supported aptly with the management skills that allow me to ensure appropriate consultation with customers and engage in verbal and non-verbal communication activities.

Other necessary avenues through which the undergraduate courses at NYIT would help me in accomplishing my career goals include references to prospects for owning a family business or an entrepreneurial venture such as a bar or a club. The course would enable me to apprehend the unique perspectives of people employed in such businesses as cashiers, waiters and cooks thereby leading to a lucid interpretation of the value of organizational structure and money. The undergraduate course at NYIT would help me to gather substantial experience alongside tangible skills such as accounting as well as intangible competencies for teamwork, communication and patience which are imperative requirements in the business of bar or a club. My personal interests in discussion and debating could also be accounted as substantial complements for my career goals as they would prove to be effective in improving communication skills necessarily required for my prospective career options. Apart from the generic indications towards communication skills, the acquisition of practical experience can be considered as a promising aspect for accomplishing my future career goals by pursuing an undergraduate course at NYIT.

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