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Social-cognitive theory on personality emphasizes cognitive processes in personality development inclusive of judging and thinking. These, which are central to a person’s personality, contribute to learned behaviours. Based on two key principles: one is that the environment and behaviour of a psychological person have a reciprocal influence on one another, and second that the best way to understand people is in conscious cognitive capabilities enabling the symbolical representation of events, personal reflection, and acting as an agent to personal development.  According to (Usher, et al. 2018), social-regulation is a social theoretical perspective. 

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Self Evaluation

It is a process where individuals compare their current performance with a goal or performance they desire. It is affected by the standards that have been an evaluation of performance is tied to how high an individual regards the goals; achievement of goals that an individual highly values brings about satisfaction and a more likelihood of continued effort for standard performance. It offers a chance to highlight how one’s unique strengths were used to accomplish a goal, yet shows areas that need improvement. For example, I am an active listener to team members and good at building positive relationships among colleagues. On the other hand, I need to work on, not letting my emotions affect my relationships.

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  Self Efficacy

It is a goal realization process in which goal completion is dependant on the individual’s belief in goal completion. Aligned with self reaction, it is achieved by the progress being deemed acceptable. It believes in a person’s capabilities to execute organized actions that are required for prospective situations. For example, I am confident that I can learn new information and do well if tested. 

Social- Observation

When one is observing himself or herself, it can result in and inform motivation. It is used to assess the progress related to individuals towards goal attainment and enhance behavioural changes. Self-observation alone is insufficient because one’s expectations of outcomes determine motivation as well as efficacy. I ask myself the differences in how I present myself to others and how I perceive myself. Whether I even allow others to define me too much.

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Self-reactions regarding the performance can be motivating. When the progress I accepted, the results will be self-efficacy, which will motivate one to achieve the desired goal. A negative self-evaluation can also be very motivating in that one may have the desire to work hard, considering the goal as valuable. This concept allows an individual to re-evaluate their goals together with their attainments. When I achieve a goal, re-evaluate and raise the goal, and also, when I don’t achieve, re-evaluate and lower the limits to achieve the goal. This is an example of how I use self-reaction.


As indicated by the theory, more noteworthy accentuation is coordinated towards self-response, assessment, and perception: Social Cognitive Theory Components Work Attitudes and Job Motivation From the mix of the four. However, social observation is very key and interested in learning more about it. It generally deals with the behaviours that affect everybody, creating an area of interest.  

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Usher, E. L., & Schunk, D. H. (2018). The social-cognitive theoretical perspective of self-regulation.

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