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7MARK001W International Marketing and Communications Management



Key Assessment Information
Overview Length or Duration Worth Due
In this assessment task, you will develop a plan to support independent play, based on a reading of a picture book that relates to a contemporary social justice issue in ECE. 1000 words equivalent 20% End of week 3


The purpose of this assessment task is to:

  • connect your understanding of the wider issues pertaining to Early Childhood education and your personal practice
  • plan and document

The unit learning outcome(s) assessed is/are: 

LO 1: Elucidate and apply knowledge and understanding of both the historical and philosophical underpinnings of early childhood education.

LO 3: Formulate critical actions that respond to diverse early childhood contexts and situations, both locally and globally.


Complete the template, available here:

Assessment 3 Template – ECE6003 2B1 2022 opens in new window


Follow the below instructions to complete Assessment 3:

    1. Choose a children’s picture book that relates to a contemporary social justice issue in EC
    2. Explain the issue represented in the book and connect to a perspective from the unit
    3. Imagine you have read the book with a group of children several times. Practice reading it to yourself, children in your life, your friends, family, cat/dog, or anyone/thing who will listen.
    4. Plan a play-based experience that will encourage the children to play with elements of and ideas in the book. Use the above template:
      1. It must be planned for children to play with independently, without close supervision or involvement from you – reading the book together has been the introduction.
      2. Identify which elements or ideas in the book you are connecting to in your plan
      3. Explain how you will set up a learning environment that invites child-led, open-ended, independent play
    5. Explain how playing here will support children to engage with the message
    6. Connect your ideas to the main bodyof the VEYLDF or EYLF (not the outcomes)


The following levels of criteria will be used to grade this assessment task:

  • Criterion 1:The necessary plan is complete as required.  The EYLF and VEYLDF is included.
  • Criterion 2:The experience plan reflects the content of the unit.
  • Criterion 3: The experience plan is well thought out, respectful, and appropriate to the age group.
  • Criterion 4:Writing and Referencing is accurate; Harvard style is used.  The steps are clear and easy to follow by another person, and include specific resources..


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