PMM1011 – Critical Thinking Management

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Assessment title: Assessment B: two critical evaluations

Brief: Exercise on the evaluation of arguments. Students are given two texts to critically evaluate in terms of argument/ credibility of evidence/ structure. The evaluations should be circa. 700 -1000 words. 600-699 words will deliver a maximum grade B. 500-599 words will deliver a maximum grade C. 400-499 words will deliver a maximum grade D. Under 400 words will deliver a grade F

Aim: To assess students’ knowledge and understanding of a) arguments and argument structure; b) good and bad arguments; c) their ability to assess the credibility of evidence.

Objectives: Learning Outcomes to be assessed and Marking Criteria

Learning Outcomes

1. To demonstrate knowledge and understanding of argument and argument structure (B3)

Criteria to demonstrate outcome

i.Shows a clear understanding of the construction of an argument
ii. Ability to use terminology appropriately

Learning Outcomes

2. To demonstrate knowledge of how to determine whether an argument is good or bad and to justify conclusions  using the appropriate terminology. (A1-2, B1- 5, D1, 4)

Criteria to demonstrate outcome

i. Clear understanding of how to evaluate arguments
ii. Ability to connect different critical thinking concepts.
iii. Able to use critical thinking concepts effectively
iv. Ability to assess the relevance and significance of evidence using critical thinking concepts

Learning Outcomes

3. To evaluate arguments in a clear, coherent manner. (D2)

Criteria to demonstrate outcome

i. Delivers a personal, structured response to the analysis of the particular argument being scrutinized
ii. Draws well-argued conclusions
iii. Writing is analytic, not descriptive

Assessment submission policy

Please note that this assessment may only be submitted via Turnitin (

  • You will receive an e-mail from Turnitin providing you with instructions
  • You are advised to submit before the deadline
  • Turnitin automatically rejects late submissions
  • Turnitin will e-mail you with a receipt to acknowledge successful submission
  • Keep your assessment receipts from Turnitin safe in case you need them at a later stage!
  • You will need to copy and paste the below student declaration into Turnitin for each assessment that you submit;

“I declare that this assessment is my own work and that the sources of information and material I have used (including the internet) have been fully identified and properly acknowledged as required in the referencing guidelines provided.”

Late assessment submission policy

  • Submissions rejected by Turnitin are awarded a mark of zero (0%)
  • Candidates who fail to submit work by the deadline shall be awarded a mark of zero (0%)
  • Candidates who are prevented from meeting such deadlines due to mitigating circumstances may apply to the College for consideration to be granted an extension.
  • Requests will need to be made by submitting a mitigating circumstances form which students can collect from ICWS reception or print a copy from the documents section on Portal.
  • All requests must be supported by formal evidence
  • Late submission will not be authorised because of problems using Turnitin / not being able to access a computer etc… is your responsibility to ensure that you know what to do and to do so in good time before the deadlines!
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